During an Unsystematic Observation Essay

During an Unsystematic Observation Essay.

During an unsystematic observation we evaluate the hypothesis based on the observations that we have. When we observe tings we have to be careful and know what we see without hypothesizing about it. We all use unsystematic observation, every day in our lives. We may not be aware of this process, but it is utilized on an ongoing basis. We will use it when we meet new people because we observe to see if we can tell where they come from their age and some may observe even further than that.

My feelings about the information that I receive reveal this is going on. We all use this type of observation process when we encounter unfamiliar situations. It is part of how we determine how we will respond in any circumstance. We all often used building theories in both our professional and my personal lives.

I use this process when someone is acting in a way that seems to require analysis for me to understand.

I have to take note and remind myself that their reaction and behavior may have to do with something that occurred outside of the current context, such as an argument with a friend or that they may not be feeling well. We should look at other sources of stress that could affect them in any way. If I can determine a reasonable source for their stress, then I can be more understanding in my own response to them and handle the situation with more compassion and let them know that I care about them. If they are willing to talk to me about their situation with me, then I can help them get through whatever problem or situation they are having. This could help them to have a better day and to find a better way to deal with things in the future that may occur for them.

During an Unsystematic Observation Essay

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