If I Was Born as a Celebrity Essay

If I Was Born as a Celebrity Essay.

Celebrity is not a foreign term for Malaysian either for people from other countries in the era of high technology. A celebrity is found living in a popular culture in which they are persons who have a prominent profile and commands a great degree of public fascination and influence in ever-changing-day media. Therefore, it is not an odd subject that would make people shock if most of Malaysian says that they have an ambition of being a celebrity. Haven’t we heard someone questioning, what does a celebrity can do for all of us? The answer for this question is, a celebrity can do a lot of things which gives to everybody profits includes benefits for individuals, for communities and societies, also for the lovely and peaceful country, Malaysia.

I have been making believe if I was a celebrity this moment, I would prove the statement, being a celebrity is not a useless story. I will do ten things for Malaysia and might do more than ten if I become a celebrity.

Firstly, a concert is the best stage to start my career as a clean celebrity, so I will make the preference more interesting by putting charity purpose besides entertaining the fans. This would reach two options, rising up my name onto the top of entertainment industry of Malaysia and help the orphans, just like the folks always say, killing two birds with a stone. As a well-known man, my influence is hoped to attract many people in the successive of brightening the gloomy in the children with no parents beside them. Looking the kids with beautiful smile blooming on the face would make me satisfied doing this job. Plus, I am sure the concert would blast for the whole Malaysia with good deeds when we get the cooperation from superstars’ community (my fellow celebrities) and public.

Besides that, I wanted to set up a special association which it serves help and accommodation in terms of moral, financial, physical and educational to all people required. The experts of the association consisted of highly educated and have potential to supply these helps. For an example, there are single mothers that need a support of money and counseling, the association would give a huge amounts of money and have their motivational session with the experts.

Move on to the next main subject, commerce is the most suitable route to promote Malaysian high quality product to overseas aside from gaining extra income. Not only that, it provide job opportunities for local people and avoid the problems of unemployment. It would begin by capitalizing on money earned from my acting, singing or from my play in sport games if I was an athlete to open small business as starter. Then, expanding the business and bring it to the higher level which mean running on the trades internationally. Through this experience, Malaysian brands products glistening all over the world marketing and sharpens striplings skill in business.

In addition, I am pleasured to become a model conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year. I could featuring the cultures and customs in Malaysia as a country of plural society to the tourists. So, they would become more eager in exploring the ideal country. Furthermore, it must be fun becoming an ambassador of Malaysia-made products. I have looked some of the celebrities such as Dato’ AC Mizal and Maya Karin has become an ambassador of famous products Malaysia. Their hard works in promoting the products were succeeded and many locals and foreigners like it.

Sixth thing that I will do is wanted to go into enterprises both in Malaysia and abroad. All Malaysian youths are encouraged to get involved into business study and management. It is to make sure nowadays people were not out of job, and also to plant the abilities in business deep in their soul. After the sixth, it is an honor to volunteer myself in helping the disaster victims. I will do with full of my heart and not because I was railroaded into it. It is a responsibility for mankind to help each other, so I thought I could spend my strength and the gift from God, wealth and property to help they who in feeling blue since the real nightmares.

Further on, being a celebrity especially an actor could rack up the quality and commercial value of our film industry. Movies and dramas of Hollywood reach box office and tackled trillions people from every corner of the world. That is what Malaysia targeting for to grab the highest spot in worldwide film industry. KRU Studios which is comprises of the brothers – Norman Abdul Halim, Yusry Abdul Halim and Edry Abdul Halim is almost for touch of high ranking filming. I must give the best shot in the acting, aiming for to put up Malaysia above the famous.

In addition, I will participate in competitions and attend in shows at the international level. From the action, I can unleash the shines of talents in Malaysian to outsiders and promoting Malaysia to the world as country with the most talented citizens at the same time. Other countries high regard for Malaysia existence.

Henceforth, it is the chance for me to donate some of my earnings gained from my performance as a celebrity to welfare center, the poor, orphans, and people who shortage of money through the proper channels. I was hoping their burdens will be lighter and they can have a barrel of laughs in life. Helping they who in troubles is like swimming in fast current of river – seems difficult but it is truly fun.

Finally, being a person with fortune and fame gives advances in pushing Malaysia towards improvement. Doing charity and aids the problems occur in our community is the joyrides along the periods become a celebrity. I hope there will no-one who still thinking bad of celebrities. Feast the eyes on this profession and realize that being a celebrity is not a curse but a gift to help many people and Malaysia.

If I Was Born as a Celebrity Essay