Mcdonalds vs Kentucky Fried Chicken Essay

Mcdonalds vs Kentucky Fried Chicken Essay.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and McDonalds, which one do you prefer? Actually, they both serve delicious fast food. McDonalds focuses primarily on hamburgers and fried chicken but KFC does wraps, salads or sometimes pies and kebabs. they are hazards to health. In the Middle East they sell halal food. McDonalds and KFC have similar types of food, popularity and history.

McDonalds and KFC both are global fast food chains but they have a really different history. Harland Sandors known as Colonel Sanders founded KFC.

Ray Kroc created McDonalds However, McDonalds logo is smiling clown where’s KFC logo is the founder of KFC.

McDonalds and KFC both serve fast food. McDonalds most common items are hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, fries, salads, and shakes they also serve breakfast items and children’s meals. however, KFC chicken are crunchy and it is delicious. The chicken comes in original and spicy flavor. McDonalds burgers it consist of the Big Mac, Chicken Burger, double Beef burger and others.

Both KFC and McDonalds are international companies. they are worldwide and have their own market. As you can see McDonalds and KFC are obviously really popular Still McDonalds operate their businesses for 24 hours for local consumers. As KFC doesn’t yet KFC and McDonalds had been broadcasted through television, newspapers and magazines. However, McDonalds and KFC actually have many similarities like their polite attitude and their extremely fast food.

Be it McDonalds or KFC, you will surely have a great meal. But they both are hazardous to health. The ministry of health had been experimenting both McDonalds and KFC and they discovered that they discovered that they have a lot of oil and fats in it, so people have been debating about it the fats and oil that are in both the restaurant. Besides I prefer McDonalds because there is more choice on the menu, and its better value than KFC. McDonalds is cheaper than KFC and McDonalds tastes much better than KFC and some people have other opinion about that.

Mcdonalds vs Kentucky Fried Chicken Essay

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