The Penny Essay

The Penny Essay.

The use of pennies is steadily declining. Most people don’t even keep track of the amount of coins they have, so it’s more than likely that they’ll think it’s useless, and dispose of it. People would throw away the pennies they have, without a second glance. Bit if we all save up our loose change, there’s a chance we’d be able to save up to hundreds, or possibly even millions of pennies. Pennies are valuable to some people, for example, coin manufactures (Source A).

It allows them to make profit by using their own resources.

Though it may take a while to pay with coins, (Source B Many are opposed to abolishing the penny. They are the people who save the pennies and actually use them. Like every other money, it adds up. It’s true that you can’t really buy anything with a penny (Source C), but if you save up the pent up pennies you have, you can actually make big bucks out of the loose change.

The pennies represents our pride for our country and honor Abraham Lincoln Source F). It’s a tradition, the penny has been with us for more than ten decades. It’s the most noticeable out of all the other coins.

And just like our country, it also stands out. So why abolish it when it’s our pride and is what makes us unique. Many people don’t use their pennies, there are some who even thrown them away and some who save it in their piggy banks. The penny is just like any other source of money, it adds up. The penny is one of the most symbolic creation of America. It has our 16th president’s face engraved on it and he was one of the greatest leaders who made a great impact to our country. We shouldn’t abolish the coin because it’s a historical symbol that should be honored and treasured.

The Penny Essay