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In preparation for your teaching presentation, you will need to locate three evidence-based practice journal articles pertaining to your presentation topic and write an annotated bibliography for each article. Articles should be located using your electronic access to the U of A library. To receive full credit each bibliography must follow the guidelines below:

? Quality research journal article no more than 8 years old
? Reference provided in APA format for periodicals
? Annotation includes 2-4 sentences that summarize the main point of the research
? Annotation includes 1-2 sentences to evaluate the article for reliability
? Annotation includes 1-2 sentences on how you will use the source for your project
? Annotation is in the student?s own words using proper grammar and spelling

Quality Article
Levels of Achievement:
Novice 0 (0%) 0 (0%)
Article not from peer reviewed journal (0 points). Article greater than 10 years old (0 points).
Competent 1 (3.33%) 2 (6.67%)
Article from another peer reviewed journal (1 point). Article 9-10 years old (1 point).
Proficient 2 (6.67%) 4 (13.33%)
Article from a peer reviewed nursing or medical journal (2 points). Artcle no more than 8 years old (2 points).

Reference in APA Format
Levels of Achievement:
Novice 0 (0%) 0 (0%)
More than one major or 3 minor errors in APA format (0 points).
Competent 1 (3.33%) 1 (3.33%)
One major or 2-3 minor errors in APA format (1 point).
Proficient 2 (6.67%) 2 (6.67%)
One minor or no errors in APA format (2 points).

Levels of Achievement:
Novice 0 (0%) 4 (13.33%)
Summarization is unclear and illogical or not provided (0-1 point). Does not address reliability of article (0-1 point). Does not address how article information will be utilized (0-1 point). Content is taken directly from the article or there are multiple errors in grammar and/or spelling (0-1 point).
Competent 8 (26.67%) 16 (53.33%)
Summarization lacks clarity, does not demonstrate understanding, or is less than 2 sentences (2-6 points). Accuracy and understanding of reliability is unclear (2-3 points). Statement of support by article is unclear (2-4 points). Quotes are used or information is paraphrased from article or there are few errors in grammar and/or spelling (2-3 points).
Proficient 20 (66.67%) 24 (80%)
Main point well summarized with good understanding of topic in 2-4 sentences (7-8 points). Demonstrates accuracy and understanding of reliability in 1-2 sentences (4-5 points). Clearly states how article information will support project in 1-2 sentences (5-6 points). Content of annotation is in the students own words without errors in grammar or spelling (4-5 points).

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