Employment and Business entrepreneurship

Employment and Business entrepreneurship
Starting and managing a practice
Independent contactor.

Business Ideas for Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners can practice in many locations and can be a clinical practice as well as a consulting business, educational business. Read through the list and use it to develop your own business plan presentation. The presentation must have no more than 15 slides including the title and reference page and must have the following headings:

  1. Concept Statement: What are the benefits of your product or service? Presenting the practice idea, reason for selecting this area and summarizes the general plan.
  2. Marketing Plan: What is the target market and how will you penetrate it? Presents the need for the practice, who it will be marketed to and why that group. Present a sample of a marketing strategy (i.e. magazine, tv or radio ad)
  3. Development: How will you develop and produce the product or service? What are the risks of the venture and what can you do to reduce these risks?
  4. Finance & Accounting: What are the financial implications of the plan? What resources, including funding, are required to successfully create the business plan? Show how you will support the business (billing). Expenses, contracts, building space et.
  5. Legal Considerations: Identify any legal considerations the business team might foresee. Collaboration, protocols, state regulations, local regulation, licenses, certifications needed the business.

Clinical   Practice
A practice providing drug screening   (pre-employment, legal documentation, etc
Corporate Wellness Consultant
Continuing Education Provider – yourself as   the teacher, bring in other providers to do the teaching
Health and Beauty Spa providing aesthetic   skin care treatments and other services
Infection Control Consultant
Prep Courses for certificate and or   licensing exams
Nutritional and Herbal Supplements
Corporate Practice o Wellness, Primary Care,   Occupational
Occupational Health Consultant
Training of nurses, NP’s (AED, PALS, ACLS,   EKGs, Specialty Procedures,, etc)
Health Food Retail Store
Radio Show Personality
Diabetes Specialty Practice
Case Manager – such as for Geriatrics, life   planning, estate planning
Public Health Education to the public
Fitness Facility/Spa
TV Show Personality
HIV/AIDS Specialty Care
Health Coach – shouldn’t this emerging   field belong to Nurses and Nurse Practitioners? o Wellness, Lifestyle   changes, Menopause, etc

Own a retail health clinic
Product Developer
Holistic/Alternative Health Care Practice
Staffing Agencies

Legal consultants
Holistic/Alternative Health Care Practice
Patient Care Navigator

Adult Day Care business

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