Entrance Essay


Order Description
Please submit a one to two page essay discussing the following:
Your career goals.
To obtain masters of nursing in family nurse practicioner and practice emergency medicane
How your specific clinical experiences have prepared you for the Family Nurse Practitioner role.
working in emergency already include how this assists and how being an agency nurse also assist.
Why Nursing@Simmons is the best fit for you and how the program will assist you in reaching your professional and educational goals.

Optional Statement
To get a more complete picture of your academic and/or personal background to best inform the admissions committees review of your application, you are welcome to attach an addendum explaining any of the following:
An exception in your academic performance for resulting in a lower grade point average than the rest of your academic career;
An overall grade point average that does not reflect your true abilities;
A gap in your college attendance;
An incomplete or significant change in your course of study or institution;
A family/personal circumstance that influenced your academic performance;
A disciplinary history
being i was sick and ill in last semester decreased gpa but working on gpa in a masters program shows my discipline and determination

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