Essential VIII Professionalism and outcome- reflection


This week, reflect on your perception of change theory, management roles and nursing leadership, communication conflict, and the nurse management role in patient care as it has evolved over the course of your RN-BSN program. Identify specific leadership models you support, and compare and contrast communication techniques for patient-centered care effectiveness. How does your academic work support evidence of meeting the following? Essential VIII: Professionalism and Professional Values Outcome #3: Promote the image of nursing by modeling the values and articulating the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the nursing profession. Review your past academic work, evaluate your effectiveness at meeting this program essential, and ponder the impact that this proficiency will have on your future. Identify how you met the essential by referring to the assignment(s) specifically in your response.

Additionally, reflect on and make connections between your academic experience and real-world applications. SHOWCASE your academic work related to this essential and these outcomes in your ePortfolio and directly reference it in your reflection response. Refer to the work you completed for NURS 510 Policy, Organization, and Financing of Health Care and LDR 432 Principles of Leadership for Healthcare Organizations. Reflect on the knowledge you gained with this Essential and how you applied it to nursing practice. Include the specific title of the assignment you are referencing in your paper. Do NOT copy large portions of previous papers, just summarize it with 2-3 sentences. Per the teachers notes on previous assignments, these all need to be addressed in order for me to submit the assignment. Within the introduction, consider the inclusion of a brief overview of the information to be presented within the assignment: Essential VIII Professionalism and outcome which is to be addressed, and your intent to reflect upon specific assignments that support your efforts at meeting the program essentials and outcomes.

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