Maliheh Free Clinic is a non-profit health clinic with support from an advisory board. Maliheh Free Clinic is organization that provides free medical services for the poor people and for the uninsured or low income population of the Greater Salt Lake Area. The basic thing about this organization is that they believe that nobody should leave the clinic without positive hope. The organization treats everybody with dignity, respect as well as grace and without gender biasness. Maliheh Free Clinic believes to provide free medical services without biasness in ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Maliheh Free Clinic staff believes in providing care on the basis of kind and compassionate acts. Maliheh Free Clinic has qualified staff, with licensed from health department.

Maliheh Free Clinic provides healthy living classes in which people from different income categories can apply. In this program people learn how to survive and how to live a healthy life. This program is based on teaching in which a highly qualified staff member teaches how to tackle difficult situation by using minimum resources. It is an important class for poor and low income class because they ignore many of the important things which they should care for. In this program people learn that what are important things in our life that we must care and we must keep in our mind.

Basically I am going to evaluate this program to find out the importance, success, effectiveness, and assess effects of the program. Maliheh Free Clinic provides lots of medical services free of cost so I want to evaluate the effectiveness of this program among citizen of Salt Lake Area. Furthermore, there are many other reasons of selecting and evaluating this program as well like I want to know the strength and weakness of this program and how it is impacting on the common people life as well as the students lives. As Maliheh Free Clinic basic mission is to provide such services free of cost to people so what feel and believe about the program as well as about the Clinic as well.

The mission of Maliheh Free Clinic” is to improve the health quality of human being for the people living in Greater Salt Lake Area. The mission is to provide free medical services to patients and students even for those who are uninsured and have low income status. The mission also reveals that families that seeking for medical help free of cast then the Maliheh Free Clinic is there to provide them with important and basic health care facilities and Healthy Living Classes” is one of the free medical services by Maliheh Free Clinic.

So far, the organization has managed to change the lives of many residents of this area by improving their access to quality health services an information that they use to improve their health conditions. The organization has developed mission statement and core values.

Core Values
Hope No one leaves the clinic without hope.

Respect We treat everyone with grace, dignity and respect.

Fairness Ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.

Compassion Our staff offers kind and compassionate care for everyone.

Professionalism Healthcare is provided by qualified, licensed health care professionals and well-trained staff and volunteers.

These above mission statement and core values align well with goal and objectives of this project. This is so because both of them are guided by the same underlying principle-helping people in the society to learn and lead healthy lives.

Maliheh Free Clinic is an organization that consists of different board of directors and advisory board. The members of boards of directors are:

Dr. Scott Browing Chairman

Elaine Ellis Vice Chairman

Doug White Secretary

Dr. Mansoor Emam

Sue Ferry

Kym McChelland

Dr. Karen Miller

Mikelle Moore

Ghazaleh Semnani

Khosrow Semnani

Dr. David Sundwall

The Advisory board members of Maliheh Free Clinic are:

Meghan Holbrook

Scott Anderson

Patricia Morton

Pamela Athinson

Steve Starks

Carol Hunter

David Jordan, Esq.

Dr. Brent Wallace

Lane Beattie

Georgiana Knudson

Doug Wright

Sen. Peter Knudson

Kent Cannon

Larry Hancock

The Financial Statement of Maliheh Free Clinic is mentioned below:

Total net assets 2015 2014

3, 969, 7943,551,992 $ 3,610,874

Logic Model

Title Healthy Living Classes at Maliheh Free Clinic

Maliheh Free Clinic is basically providing people with different medical services free of cost and Healthy living classes is one of them. The objectives of Maliheh Free Clinic are to provide people with every possible facility without any charges and to make people healthier and happier.

Goal To provide best, fast and effective facilities to make people life healthy

Secondary Goal increase the life span of people life especially dealing with emergency cases

Influential Factors Funding, Staff, Governmental Influence, Weather, Equipment, Politic,

NGOs, etc




Initial Outcomes

Intermediate Outcomes

Long-Term Outcomes


Public Relations

Fast Health Gaining

Increase level facilities of healthier life

Improvement in health care facilities

Develop careers in Healthy Living


Increase Health Status

Educate the society,


Experienced public to deal with emergency cases

Funding increases

Increase in the development of health life



Living Healthier life

Knowledge about techniques of healthier living

Increase survival rate of people

Healthier community



First aid response

Build trust among people

Increase salary rate


Faster Patient Care

Better Status of health

Increase medical facilities

Good relations in employees and organization

The Survey

Hello all, I am student of EMS Planning & Evaluation. I have to conduct a survey about the effectiveness of Healthy Living Classes at Maliheh Free Clinic. The responses from the participants will only be used for academic purpose and there is not any misuse of such information. Thanks for your participation.

i. Your Name ____________________________

ii. Age _____________________________

iii. Gender _____________________________

iv. Status ____________________________

v. Are you working at Maliheh Free Clinic?

a) Yes

b) No

vi. How much do you believe that Healthy Living Classes increase Health Status of people?

Very Much





vii. How much do you are satisfy with the progress of Healthy Living Classes at Maliheh Free Clinic?

Very Much





viii. How much do you think that Healthy Living Classes achieving success in building healthier community?

Very Much





ix. How much do you believe that Maliheh Free Clinic is best place for Healthy Living Class?

Very Much





x. In what ways we can improve the quality of Healthy Living Classes at Maliheh Free Clinic?

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