Evidence Base Practice Integrative Literature Review


Please, make sure to be experienced in evidence-based practice to apply for this order.
PICO Question: For healthcare providers, care takers, and patients, is antibacterial foam hand soap more effective than traditional hand washing with soap and water for reducing the bacterial count on hands?
Please writer focus on PICO Question when you writing this paper. I sent you an example paper to guide you and grading criteria to follow when writing this paper. If you dont understand the instructions, please dont write the paper and send me an e-mail right away. This is evidence based practice integrative literature and it worths 60% of my grade. Use these articles to answer PICO Question. When writing, finding section of this paper, Use results from articles, make sure it answers the PICO question. Please be clear and just talk about finding using antibacterial foam hand soap and traditional hand washing with soap and water for reducing the bacterial counts on hand. I dont add unrelated information or unnecessary or opinion. I want to include this paper the following:

1. Abstract:
2. Keywords: ( words used when searching these articles)
3. Introduction:
4. Background:
5. Databases and Keywords
6. Finding (use evidence from articles regarding to answer PICO Question)
7. Research Utilization Model: ( I send you raft draft please use this Model)
8. Recommendations for Nursing Practice: ( based on articles finding, analyze to make recommendations)
9. Conclusion

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