Examine research studies that have been conducted using the theoretical framework chosen.

Examine research studies that have been conducted using the theoretical framework chosen.

Nursing?theory of?unpleasant?symptoms”


Theory of unpleasant symptoms by Lenz & Pugh

? Theory Project Overview
Critique an existing nursing theory of your choice. You may select a middle range theory or practice theory. Perform a comprehensive review of the literature on the selected nursing theory. Examine research studies that have been conducted using the theoretical framework chosen. Provide examples of how the theory can be applied to nursing research, administration, education, and clinical practice. You may choose to focus on a specific practice setting (heart failure, heart disease, cardiac surgery) or you may apply the selected theory to the assessment of a particular client or population group. The outcome of this project will be a formal paper (~10 pages) and an on line presentation.

Guiding Questions” for Theory Project
Use these questions as guiding questions as you develop your Theory Project
A. Theory and theorist
? Provide a very brief overview of the theory. What areas of concern or problems are addressed by the theory?
? When was the theory written? What were some of the major factors of that time, in the realm of nursing and in the world which might have had some effect on the derivation of this theory? What is the historical evolution of the theory (how has it changed over time from its original form)?
? Describe the theorist?s background as much as possible and its impact on the theory development. (Include other theories/works that may have influenced the theorist.
B. Analysis of the theory
? How is the theory classified? (conceptual model, middle range theory, practice theory)
? What are the major concepts of the theory? How are they defined theoretically and/or operationally? Is the author consistent in the use of the concepts and other terms in the theory? Have concepts and their meanings remained the same throughout the historical development of the theory?
? Identify the relationships among the major concepts. Provide a diagram if available.
? What are the assumptions of the theory?
C. Evaluation of the selected theory

? What world view does the theorist or theory reflect? Support your judgment with examples.
? Clarity: How well did you understand the theory? How have others described the theory clarity?
? Is the internal structure of the theory logically congruent? Why or Why not?
? Do the components of the theory logically translate into diverse (cultural, developmental, gender) perspectives?
? How has the theory been used in nursing? How would you use the theory in nursing or your future nursing practice?

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