Examine the nursing theorys components Design plan for implementing nursing theory into practice

Nursing Theory and Its Relationship to Practice

INSTRUCTIONS In this assignment, you are to select a theory of nursing that fits with your understanding of effective nursing values and practices. Prepare a thorough review of the theory, including a discussion of how this theory, will guide your planning to implement the theory in your work as a nurse, will inform your anticipation of barriers to implementation and will assist you in creating a plan to evaluate the effectiveness of care provided while employing this theory. Use the following process to guide your work: Select one nursing theory that is useful to your practice setting. Research the literature for refereed journal articles (include current, classic – by theorist, and relevant scholarly sources) that discuss the use of the theory in practice. Use a sufficient number of scholarly sources in your paper, but at least five. Critically review the nursing theory and develop a plan for how you would utilize this theory in your practice. Be sure to include thoughts related to holistic spiritual nursing care. (Use Chapter 3 of Smith & Parker to review theory.) In a 6-8 page (not including the title and reference pages, no abstract required for this paper) 6th edition APA paper using spelling/grammar following APA guidelines: Introduction (overview, purpose, your rationale for selecting the nursing theory, and plan for paper) Synthesis of selected nursing theory Examine the nursing theory’s components Design plan for implementing nursing theory into practice Anticipate potential barriers/challenges to implementation Create plan for evaluating the effectiveness of care provided using this nursing theory Construct examples Conclusion (explain how you have met the purpose of this paper) Draft #1 Paper: Due Date; prior to Final Paper (best practice calls for submitting by W3, D5 to give time for revision) Allow time to obtain Match Score (sometimes up to 3-4 hours), in order to revise your paper to avoid inadvertent plagiarism. Remember to avoid plagiarism when paraphrasing, you must change both the words and the sentence structure. Remember, use of quotations is minimal in scholarly writing for graduate school. Final Paper Due Date: Week 4, Day 1 Note: the Final Draft/Paper will be submitted with Turnitin enabled. Note: The Turnitin draft links are for you to use when you are ready. There is no due date for draft submissions. The links may be used anytime before the final copy of the paper is due. Submit your first draft and check for flagged areas on the Turnitin report. Areas that are flagged/highlighted may indicate that there is a need to reword, paraphrase, add a citation, create a quotation, etc. It is very important that you avoid plagiarism/self-plagiarism, so be sure to thoroughly review the Turnitin report. Your similarity score should be below 25%, but your instructor will evaluate the report, not just the score. You cannot rely on the similarity score to ensure that you have not plagiarized. If you are satisfied that there are no areas that need to be changed, you do not need to submit a second draft. The final copy of your paper must be submitted on or before Day 1 of Week 4.

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