Examine the pro and con of the Robber Barons.

Hist 1302 Exam I

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here it is!

In order to pass to must use evidence from the assigned textbook chapters, electronic readings, and lectures for each response; cite using CMS (thus you need to attach a ‘Bibliography’ page); and, respond fully and completely to three questions in at least 9 double-spaced pages total (3 pages per response). Do NOT use unassigned sources. Do NOT use Wikipedia or any other pretend knowledge site. This is not a research paper. Rather this is a test to see how closely and carefully you listened to the lectures and read the textbook and electronic readings.


Select one (1) from each letter group:


  1. The Gilded Age
  1. Examine the pro and con of the “Robber Barons.”
  2. Examine the US government’s effort to “deal” with the Indians from 1877 through 1900 to include warfare, treaties, and the Reservation system.
  3. Examine how Americas connected their ideas of “liberty” with the West.
  4. Why do historians call this period the “Gilded Age”? Is it an accurate description?


  1. Rise of Modern America
  1. Examine the relationship between business interests and the federal government. What accounts for the close relations?
  2. Examine the rise of “modern America”. What changes took place and what accounted for those changes?
  3. What were Americans’ ideas on liberty during the Gilded Age?
  4. Examine US foreign policy during the Progressive Era. Was the US an imperial power?


  1. The Progressive Era
  1. How did roles for women change during the Progressive era?
  2. How did American ideas on liberty change during the Progressive era?
  3. How did the Great War effect American liberty?
  4. Examine African Americans and the Great War.
  5. What was “new” about the “New Negro”?


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