Explain briefly how FEMA failed to garner lead agency status for the terrorism hazard.

Description: This exam includes ten essay questions, 20 total points possible for each, for a total of 200 points Responses are expected in your own words. Generally, the use of direct quoted material is limited to no more than 10% of the total for each response Quoted material must be properly cited in-text and at the end of the response, preferably in proper APA format. Failure to cite may be considered plagiarism and lead to loss of points or failure of the exam The response must reflect comprehension of the issue and provide sufficient defense of the chosen position as well as responding to all questions posed 1. Explain briefly how FEMA failed to garner lead agency status for the terrorism hazard. 2. How has the concept of homeland security changed over time, from before the Sept .11th attacks until after Hurricane Katrina? 3. List and describe the steps of the Intelligence Cycle. 4. How do federal agencies outside of DHS participate in Homeland Security? Give three examples to support your answer. 5. this question has been answered. 6. Do you think that the nature of the creation of the Department of Homeland Security in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks affected the all-hazards mission of FEMA? Why or why not? 7. Describe the evolution of Homeland Security from 1800 to present day. 8. How is the function of homeland security managed at the state and local levels? 9. Describe the roll of the “3 Commissions” in light of pre- and post- September 11th knowledge about terrorist risk. 10. What Federally- supported programs invite private citizens to become involved in or otherwise participate in homeland security at the community level?

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