Explain the nursing and midwifery council code in uk.


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Explain the nursing and midwifery council code in uk. (NMC) by briefly outlining the 4 aereas of the cide clarifyi g why it is important guide for nurses. It is mabdatory use frecuent of evudence from the references provided.you can guide yourself with images of lectures sent. 250 words. And include short conclusion with evidence. APA 6th firm style on citations and reference list. Please include duty of candour., it is on the files the reference. And the chapter 7 from foundations book must be included too and the one from “henderson…” dontt forget plus the rest of references.
In this assignment, you can either (1) select a newspaper article related to nursing or nursing practice for thorough discussion or (2) discuss an ethical issue related to your current nursing duty. Assignment Description: The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity for student to analyse the selected issue from an ethical perspectives. This essay should be based on the topics covered in this subject. The importance of ethical conducts for nurses and code of practice should be addressed in relation to the selected issue. You are required to select at least three literatures to support your discussion. Steps to complete this assignment: 1. Select an ethical issue that has aroused your interest (could be from a newspaper article or your own clinical experience) 2. Give a brief description of the issue concerned 3. Analyse the issue according to the principle of ethical nursing practice 4. Select at least 3 literatures to support your discussion 5. Make suggestion for the improvement of practice or provision of appropriate nursing care to the selected topic.
For this assignment, you will choose a leadership theory that aligns with your philosophy on nursing leadership. Reflect on how you have grown throughout your nursing career, including the time you have spent pursuing your baccalaureate degree. Choose a leadership theory that best matches your beliefs as a baccalaureate-prepared registered nurse. Define and explain your chosen leadership theory. Discuss how your leadership philosophy has evolved throughout your nursing career and how you envision yourself as a leader in the future. Provide examples of how you have and will use this theory as a nurse leader. Instructions All written assignments must be typed (double-spaced), and APA style must be used where appropriate. This is a personal philosophy; therefore, you may write in first person. References should not be older than five years, except in cases where the reference is considered a classic in the particular field. Review guidelines and rubric found in the syllabus. Submit this assignment as a Word document It will be processed through Turnitin in Canvas The assignment will be considered late if not submitted by the due dates. Late points will be assessed according to the student handbook

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