Explain the role of research within evidence-based practice

MSN Program Specialty Track

Criteria for Content
1. Overview of Selected Evidenced-based Practice Project: This section provides an opening to your MSN EBP scholarly project. It should contain the following elements:
• Explain how evidence-based practice promotes change with evidence
• Explain the role of research within evidence-based practice
• Identify the selected nursing issue
• Provide rationale for selecting the specific issue

2. Application to selected MSN Program Specialty Track: This section provides a comprehensive discussion of how the selected nursing issue impacts the student’s MSN specialty track.

• Identify MSN Program specialty track (Family Nurse Practitioner)
• Describe the impact of resolving the selected nursing issue upon advancing practice within your specialty track

3. Nursing issue and supportive evidence regarding the issue: This section provides a thorough discussion of the selected nursing issue. It also cites relevant supportive scholarly evidence regarding the selected issue. Included in this section will be:

• Explain the selected nursing issue in detail
• Identify how frequently the selected issue occurs within selected practice setting
• Identify the stakeholders impacted by the issue
• Identify expected outcomes for the stakeholders by implementing this evidenced-based practice project

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