Explain why your specific ethical problem is important and in need of analysis?

You should follow the ‘Assignment Planning’ activities in the SOC10236 Study Guide and all relevant online discussions concerning this assessment to perform well in this assignment.
You are required to select oneof the five topics listed below andclearly defineone focused and specific ethical questionrelevant to your chosen topic which you will analyse in both assignments 1 and 2.
The five topics are
1. Media, advertising or public relations;
2. Multinational corporations operating in developing countries;
3. The taking of human or non-human life;
4. Artificial intelligence;
5. Equity, diversity, multiculturalism, immigration (in the workforce or society).

Required tasks:
a. Select one of the five topics.
Clearly and concisely define one specific ethical questionrelevant to one of the five topics in no more than one short sentence. (1 mark).

Note: This is a critical stage of your assignment and it is not easy. If you don’t clearly define the ethical problem/question then you cannot perform a focused ethical analysis. It is strongly recommended that you follow the guidelines for forming ethical questions identified in the Topic 1 assessment planning activity and engage in online and class discussions.

b. Explain why your specific ethical problem is important and in need of analysis? (3 marks)

c. Identify and fully reference 6 key facts relevant to the analysis of your ethical question. (6 marks)

d. Identify 2assumptions which you are required to make to fillgaps in publically available information relevant toyour ethicalproblem. (2 marks)

e. Analyse the ethical act central to your ethical question using act utilitarianism by forecasting three important positive and three important negative consequences. (6 marks)

f. Provide an ethical conclusion which compares expected positive with negative consequences including an estimate as to whether net utility will rise or fall. (2 mark)

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