Final Project – Expansion of a FQHC


This section of the project is the literature review. I have attached the sources and also the citation format. I will also post in the instruction my outline and proposal that I am working from. The literature review focuses on how other researchers have addressed similar questions. It places the study in context and discusses how it will differentiate itself from what is already in the field. You are attempting to establish what the literature says and where the gap exists that you plan to fill with your project! You may find help at . Please make sure not to “stack” sources. Weave each source into the relevance of your project and each other. It is usually a good idea to move from the academic scholarly literature, to the national studies, then to state and local and finally anything specifically to your work. Many projects have government reports or state or agency documents in this section compared to what you would find in a thesis lit review but you do need some scholarly peer reviewed journals to set the stage. Proposal/Outline: This end of program project is a business plan for the expansion of a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), Premier Community HealthCare Group (PCHG), in a rural area of central Florida. The business plan will be used as a technical document and justification for the expansion to seek approval from the organizations’ board of directors and to also seek financing for the expansion. Access to comprehensive and affordable healthcare in a rural setting has become increasingly challenging. Many of challenges include cost, location, and lack of medical and nursing staffing. These challenges have contributed to the lack of comprehensive and affordable healthcare services available to residents in rural areas of central Florida. The overarching goal of the plan is to provide a roadmap for improving the access to comprehensive and affordable healthcare through the expansion of Premier Community HealthCare Group, a rural FQHC. The plan will assess current resources, include the statement of need and also the proposed services expansion which is to include medical, dental, and behavior health. The plan will also identify any barriers to the expansion and provide guidance on how to overcome any barriers identified. Lastly, the plan will address sustainability based on current federally mandated billing models and value-based payments systems and evaluation of required core measures and requirements for good population health that focuses on quality improvement and assurance. The plan will begin with an introduction and them a comprehensive literature review. Currently literature is being review however below is a list of the current reference list. What is not included in the literature review is the current data and needs assessment conducted previously by PCHG, however the data and needs assessment information will be used as supporting material throughout the plan to make the case for the expansion of services.

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