Functional Assessment- Activities of Daily Living


**PLEASE PUT THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IN ESSAY FORMAT (DO NOT INCLUDE THE TITLES IN THE ESSAY SUCH AS “SELF -ESTEEM/SELF-CONCEPT** Self-Esteem/Self-Concept C.A. is currently a student at Felician University in the process of obtaining a BSN in Nursing. He has his Masters in MBA. He works at his father’s restaurant in Newark, NJ and comes from a Christian family. C.A. performs daily grooming and hygiene that include daily showers, oral care, trimmed nails, clean and short hair. Financial Status C.A supports himself and receives help from family when needed. Value Belief System c.a. is Christian Self-care Behaviors C.A. exercise’s regularly, health promotion/illness prevention, and good nutrition.

Activity/Exercise C.A goes to the GYM everyday lifts and does cardio Sleep/Rest C.A. gets at least 6 hours of sleep, Nutrition/Elimination C.a eats healthy: chicken almonds, PB, veggies, protein shake, Interpersonal Relationships/Resources C.A. role within his family is the son/brother. He’s supported by his family and friends when faced with problems. He spends time mostly with himself to study and around family and friends for pleasurable. Coping and Stress Management C.A. is currently experiencing levels of stress during school and also working long hours and his fathers restaurant. Patient uses meditation to relieve stress. These methods are helpful. Personal Habits Daily intake caffeine: Patient denies. Confirms drinking monster and diet coke Smoke cigarettes: Patient denies.

Drink alcohol: Occasionally . last drink Saturday, Vodka and club Any use of street drug: Patient denies using street drugs Environmental Hazards C.A. lives in a safe neighborhood with his father, dog and with neighbors. Has access to transportation and adequate heat/utilities. Patient denies involvement with community service. C.A wears seatbelts, doesn’t get to travel much , never been in the militaty Intimate Partner Violence C.A. denies having a partner.. Patient denies emotional or physical abuse, and forceful sex. Occupational Health C.A. is a student. Patient denies working with hazards , inhalants, chemicals, repetitive motion. Perception of Health C.S defines health as being healthy all around. Patient views himself as being in good health and believes his health will get better. C.A. health goals are to continue to eat healthier and to stay fit. He views health care providers as professionals, who are empathetic , compassionate and knowledgeable.

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