Giant Eagle Grocery Company is a well established organization in the grocery industry. Giant Eagle has twenty-three chain stores located throughout the mid-west.

Giant Eagle Grocery Company is a well established organization in the grocery industry. Giant Eagle has twenty-three chain stores located throughout the mid-west. Each individual grocery store has a General Manager who manages the store. The only Human Resource function that the General Manager conducts is interviewing, hiring and scheduling of store employees. All other HR functions, such as payroll, employee benefits and related programs, are administered from the company headquarters.

Each chain store has a General Manager, an Assistant Manager, two full-time deli workers, eight part-time stockers, fourteen part-time register clerks and two full-time maintenance employees. The headquarters of Giant Eagle is centrally located in Toledo, Ohio. The Giant Eagle headquarters has thirty-six full-time employees. These employees range from CEO, V.P., marketing, customer service, accounting and human resources. The HR Department has a staff of four. One of the four is the Training Director.

At a regional meeting nine months ago, many of the store Giant Eagle General Managers expressed concerns with providing their store employees with information pertaining to their wages, pay roll tax deductions, health care benefits and 401-K plans. These concerns revolved around the inability to provide clear, concise and immediate responses to their store employee’s questions about pay, benefits and company HR programs. In response to the issues raised by the various store General Managers, the Human Resource Department set out to implement a comprehensive Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that will “go live” in approximately five months.

The HR Department hired an outside vendor, GEM Group, who specializes in HRIS software and programs, to design and implement an internet-based HRIS system. This system will be run and maintained out of the HR Department, but can be accessed by each store General Manager (GM) and Assistant Manager (AM). The GM and AM will have special access to certain sections of the website where internal company policies and information can be received. Each store employee will have an individual login and password to access individual payroll information.

With five months to go before the new HRIS is fully operational for each of the twenty-three grocery store chains, the HR Department is currently developing a training plan in order for all employees to be able to access and manage the system. As with any new company-wide program that affects every employee, communication is critical during this entire training and implementation process.


You are the Training Director within the Human Resource Department and tasked to implement the training program for the new HRIS program for Giant Eagle. You have been asked to provide the V.P. of Giant Eagle a detailed training plan for her review and approval.

Here are a few topic areas and questions to include in your training plan:

Initial Training

What type of training will be provided?
How will training be conducted–online, in-person, scenarios, simulations, etc.?
Who will receive the training? If all employees will receive training, will each chain store employee be provided the same training?
When will training be provided for implementation team members and user groups?
Who will provide the training–vendors, consultants, staff, other?
What is the time frame for the initial training plan?


What resouces, both financial and human, will be needed for this training plan?

Continuous Training

Will there be a specific training plan for new users?
What is the plan for training to address turnover issues?
What is the training plan in the event of system upgrades or procedural changes?


Will there be any follow up to this training once it is completed?
Will Giant Eagle employees be provided the opportunity to give their feedback and evaluation on the training session?

Your training plan will need to follow APA formatting and be AT LEAST two pages in length (Times New Roman, 12 point font, double-spaced).

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