Hand Hygiene and infections in hospital


Hand Hygiene and infections in hospital THE EASIEST APPROACH- Answer the questions directly, facts only. Please stick to the information from the articles. Articles CANNOT be more than 5 YEARS OLD (PLEASE). I will attach an example of the PICO table and the MATRIX TABLE. Please try to stick to no more than the 5 pages with the research information only. Please include the entire 7 articles with the final paper.

Please address any questions as soon as they comes up. Thank you in advance. A. Write a summary of the significance and background of a healthcare problem by doing the following: Problem- HAND HYGIENE AND INFECTIONS IN HOSPITAL 1. Describe a healthcare problem that can be used to develop a PICO question 2. Explain the significance of the problem from part A1. 3. Describe the current healthcare practices related to the problem from part A1. 4. Discuss how the problem affects the organization and patients’ cultural background (i.e., values, health behavior, and preferences).. B. Complete a literature review by searching for a total of seven articles consisting of five research articles and two non-research articles related to the healthcare problem from part A1, and describe the search strategy you used to conduct the literature review by doing the following: B-1. Discuss TWO research evidence sources and TWO nonresearch evidence sources that you considered. Note: PLEASE DO NOT USE THE SAME PRIMARY AUTHOR FOR MORE THAN TWO ARTICLES. ARTICLES MUST NOT BE MORE THAN FIVE YEARS OLD. C. Use your research articles to develop a PICO (patient/population, intervention/indicator, comparison/control, and outcome) question based on the topic (I WILL SEND EXAMPLE) D. Complete the attached “Evidence Matrix,” using the five research evidence sources from scholarly journal sources you located during the literature review in part B. For each article, address the following points:. (Note: Upload a copy of the full text of the articles with your submission.) • author, journal name, and year of publication • research design (e.g., quantitative, qualitative, mixed design, systematic review) • sample size (e.g., numbers of study participants, number of articles, number of control group participants) • outcome variables measured (e.g., identify what the research is measuring) • quality (using the following scale: A, B, C) • results/author’s conclusions (e.g., briefly summarize the outcome) THE MATRIX IS A TABLE WITH ALL INFORMATION INCLUDED, I WILL SEND AN EXAMPLE. E. Recommend a practice change that addresses the PICO question, using the evidence collected in the attached “Evidence Matrix.”

You must use all five research articles from the “Evidence Matrix” attachment to support this recommendation via in-text citations. F. Describe a process for implementing the practice change from part E in which you do the following: 1. Explain how you would involve three key stakeholders in the decision to implement the recommendation from part E. 2. Describe two specific barriers you may encounter when implementing the practice change from part E in the nursing practice setting. 3. Identify two strategies that could be used to overcome the barriers described in part F2. 4. Identify one indicator to measure the outcome (the O in PICO question) of the recommended change practice from part E.

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