Health Care Economics and Cost-Benefit

Analysis Adding
a new clinical service line
Paper details
TOPIC: Adding a new clinical service line For
this I would like to add a clinical nursing specialist to improve
documentation in the emergency room which would improve reimbursement from payor. By improving documentation it
would lead to improved coding which leads to better reimbursement by the payor which could be Medicare, Medicaid,
private insurance among others. Please include qualitative and quantitative analysis in this costbenefit
1) Analyze a solution to a health care decision using critical thinking and research skills 20%
2) Examine benefits associated with a proposed solution using quantitative and qualitative information to assign a dollar
value to each 20%
3) Analyze costs and benefits of a proposed solution over a fiveyear
time horizon. Also, complete the attached template 20%
4) Create an executive recommendation to proceed or defer the initiative, and provide rationale 20%
5) Communicate in a professional manner that is clear, concise, wellorganized,
and supported with relevant evidence 20%
You will list associated costs, assign monetary and nonmonetary
benefits, and examine net present value (PV) and future
value (FV) over a time horizon of five years. You will practice executive action by making a recommendation, and
supporting it with rationale. The deliverable for this assignment is a completed costbenefit
analysis spreadsheet
(attached) with line item costs, estimated monetary and nonmonetary
benefits, and a PV and FV over a fiveyear
horizon. In addition, you will include a short narrative executive summary with salient points for decision making and your
final recommendation.
Some possible References (6 or more are recommended):
Hicks, L.L. (2014). Economics of Health and Medical Care. (6th ed). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Publishers.
Writing a Cost Benefit Analysis http://

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