POLITICAL ADVOCACY ASSIGNMENT – Nurses maintain values that promote individualized patient care and collaboration among health care professionals. It is important that nurses are represented in the formation of health care policy and that these values, as well as nursing knowledge and expertise, are shared with politicians and reflected in quality health care legislation that is cost-effective. Nursing’s active involvement in the molding of public policy through political commitment is a necessity. It is not enough to wait and see where legislation takes the profession and how changes in public policy will affect patients. If nurses do not become involved and employ a values-laden approach to politics, they have no power over their own future, and health care will suffer from their lack of participation .For this assignment students will choose a health care bill that is presently being considered in legislatures of either the federal or New York State government. The bill will have implications that will directly affect nursing practice.

Students will write a 5-page concise paper (including title page and reference page) which: 1. Identifies the bill number 3. Summarizes the implications of the bill for the nursing profession4. Identifies where the bill is in process of becoming law5. Provide a copy of the proposal of the bill This assignment is to be written in APA format (no abstract needed), citations within the text of the paper and a complete reference list at the conclusion of the paper is required. See http://www.library.cornell.edu/newhelp/res_strategy/citing/apa.html#apa FAILURE TO DOCUMENT SOURCES APPROPRIATELY WILL RESULT IN SUBSTANTIAL PENALTY.5. Write a 1-2-page professional advocacy letter either for or against the bill’s passage1. Address the advocacy letter to the chairperson of the committee AND to your representative (be sure that you have identified the appropriate person for your district).2. Individual letters will be sent via email after reviewed by Dr. Manieram to representative 3. If you have received responses to your professional advocacy letter other than an email receipt acknowledgement, you will receive 0.5 point on the overall assignment grade.This assignment will be graded on content, quality of writing/readability, adherence to APA format and scholarly style.


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