what is meant by racial social control.

what is meant by racial social control..

The New Jim Crow
Introduction and Chapters 1-4

1. Learn what is meant by racial social control.

2. Describe the changing patterns of racial social control and the racial caste system.

3. Explain how lower-class whites are exploited to maintain racial hierarchies.

4. Recognize the structure of mass incarceration.

5. Discuss the impact of the War on Drugs on African Americans.

6. Assess the ways in which legal rules disempower African American men.

7. Understand the structures and steps of re-entry, and recognize the rights that are lost in the process.

Queer (In)Justice
Introduction and Chapters 1-3

1. Describe how heteronormative constructions of social order disempower LGBTQ people, and are used to police gender and sex.

2. Assess how differential treatment of LGBTQ people is further compounded based on race, gender, social class and other differences.

3. Recognize the historic patterns of criminalizing minority sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.

4. Assess how race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and disability receive differential treatment in terms of implementing and upholding hate crime legislation.

5. Discuss the ways in which cultural demonization of LGBTQ people results in sexual orientation and gender identity being blamed when LGBTQ people commit violent criminal acts.

what is meant by racial social control.

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