Asian women feel the need to fulfill a role

“Asian women feel the need to fulfill a role. Modern stereotypes are promoted and re-enforced from childhood and we can easily be pigeon-holed into the way others think of us.” – Shazia Mirza (UK comedian).

Dear Sir,

I am writing in response to Shazia Mirza’s words. I agree with the statement that Asian women feel the need to fulfill a role, because every human living in this world should have the same rights, regardless of the gender, age or political and religious views. Women are more often discriminated and are not treated equally to men. Nowadays, people think mostly in terms of stereotypes, not in terms of quality. If we look at the case of gender roles in the world, in most countries women have less job opportunities. According to The Guardian’s article about the contemporary society, that is socialized into thinking that women should be tied to their homes, to be the housewives and take care of the upbringing of the children.

However men have the right to choose and make career. According to many sources, such as, in Asia, the situation of equality is worse, than in eg. the UK. Asian women have less rights than women in the UK because, when married for example the husband in a family decides about everything and women do not have a voice. However in the UK women have the right to an opinion but they are not equal in terms of eg. equal pay or job opportunities. A company is more likely to employ a young man than a young woman because there is a possibility that the woman would get pregnant. In this situation a company should provide 80% of a normal salary and 52 weeks of maternity leave. Therefore companies usually do not hire young women, which in terms of women is unfair.

The arguments presented above prove the point of Shazia Mirza and vividly portray that there is still a lot of inequality in Asia and in the world. People are mostly led by stereotypes and then make wrong assumptions about women and their everyday tasks. Women, therefore have to stand up for their rights and fight for the gender equality. Yours faithfully,

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