Diary of a mad black woman

Brandi Lee English Composition 1301 Ms. Lorna M. Ivey 26 November 2007 “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” In the movie _Diary of a Mad Black _Woman, one is shown events that happen in a person’s everyday life. Throughout this movie one would see behavior with both positive and negative principals. Helen, for example,is a Christian with godly values. For the duration of the movie she demonstrates morals that would resemble that of Christ. One would find that even as Charles is shot and almost killed, Helen stills cares for her deceptive husband.

While his Mistress, Brenda, is without concern for Charles’ wellbeing, Helen still has compassion. She is the one who cares for Charles in his time of need even after she has been betrayed. This shows a concern for one’s fellow man, demonstrating civic consciousness. Charles exhibits unmoral values throughout the entire movie. For one, he not only fractures Helen and his’ vows, but he shatters the commitment he made to God when they came together in holy matrimony. He commits adultery with Brenda.

In today’s society this could be justified if he divorced Helen before this act. This way it would not have been adultery by today’s standards. Biblically this is also a sin. It says in the Bible that if you look upon another woman with lust in your heart then you have already committed adultery. This is not the only act of immortality that Charles commits. He sells illegal substances to others to get ahead in his profession. This is obviously not only illegal, but corrupt in the eyes of God.

Also, he bribes judges with money to assure that his clients get acquitted of their various crimes. Even after obstacles and a near death experience, he still continues to be arrogant. He incessantly downgrades others to raise himself on a figurative pedestal. All of the characters in this movie display some form of mortality. They are just like the people in today’s society. Everyone has secrets, just like Charles does. Everyone has a conscience along with all the other motives to do wrong.

One can choose to live their life like Helen does, or even as Charles. The bottom line is that everyone has a choice. It has been said that one’s true character is shown in how they live their life when they think no one else is watching. It is also said that one’s true wealth is measured in how much they would be worth if they were to lose all of their money. A person’s true character will always shine through. For example, even when Helen is completely alone and uncertain of what the next day holds she still has worth.

She does not define herself in others. Helen isable to overcome her rage against Charles and find her true character. Although Charles seems more glamorous, Helen has her integrity, and therefore she is a more respectable person. In closing, the Diary of a Mad Black Woman exhibits the strengths and weaknesses that many people face today. Viewers watch as both main characters grow stronger and overcome their weaknesses. Those viewers relating to this film can take home moral, ethical, and spiritual values that may be used in their individual circumstances.

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