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Essay «Women’s rights» Nowadays there are so many social problems existing in the world. But today I would like to discuss one of the biggest problem, in my opinion – problem of women rights. It is nearly 200 hundred years since the problem of women’s rights started to discuss openly. Women rights are now the problem, on which many organisations and people worlwide are working, trying to solve it. Although there are very much improvments done for the last twenty or thirty years, there is still plenty of issues that society needs to improve.

For example, women are often working more hours than man, nevertheless they are paid less, or gender discrimination, when employeer is not giving you a job because you are female. Or the fact that government of the countries where women rights are mostly common, just simply underestimating it, so giving us less information. Women in some countries in Africa or Asia even don’t have a right of speach, or to have an education. It is hard to imagine that picture for us, but it is a reality existing in the 21 century. As we always think that there is no such descrimination in more developed countries such as European countries or USA.

But how about home violence? A millions of women worldwide are now suffering of home violence. I consider this as one of the biggest and most important social problem. I think nobody has a right to hit or beat someone and I wondering why in such a developed world, where technologies became our second hand and almost everything, the simple fact of home violence is still occuring? The answer to this simple question is not given yet. It will be a long time until we could liquidate this problem at all, but I think it is possible as everything.

There are a lot of organizations such as NOW (National Organization for Women), MADRE or AWID, which are helping women now but it is not enough. We must all take a part in it; all participate because without our help it won’t move. I know it is easy to say now, but when I grow up, when I will have my financial stability and independence from parents I will definitely try to help at least to one of these poor women. So let’s just do it together without asking a lot of questions to our future generation, to our children to a better world.

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