Plastic vs reusable water bottles

Water, a very important factor in our daily lives, is used for multiple reasons such as taking a shower to drinking it. Water is essential for our bodies because it helps us with our digestion, temperature control, and structure. We have become dependable on bottled water, whether it is plastic or reusable. Today in society we have been tricked by manufacturing companies that all water that is from the tap is bad. These companies have convinced us to just buy a plastic water bottle from the vending machine or store.

Although we presume we are getting ‘cleaner water’ we don’t realize how this impacts the environment. An alternative to plastic water bottles is reusable water bottles which I think is better for everyone. I think reusable water bottles are better to use because it is better for the environment and it saves money! By using reusable water bottles it can help the environment in many ways. Reusable water bottles save more energy than a plastic water bottle. Reusable water bottles such as stainless steel and aluminum save the amount of energy that we would use in a plastic water bottle.

A plastic water bottle goes through a lot before it reaches our mouth; factories have to produce the bottle, bottle it, transport it, deliver it, and refrigerate it. On banthebottle. net Charles Fishman states that the energy we waste using bottled water would be enough to power 190,000 homes! Another way it helps the environment is because it helps lessen the oil pollution. Oil is used as energy for many types of machinery to produce and bottle the plastic water bottles. When factories make a plastic water bottle it requires a lot of energy or also known as oil.

When we use a reusable water bottle we do use energy but we save energy compared to if we would buy a bottle every day. By buying reusable water bottles we get closer to saving the environment for a better future. Using a reusable water bottle can save money compared to a plastic water bottle. Buying a plastic water bottle from the vending machine or store usually cost $1. 00 to $2. 00. Imagine buying a plastic water bottle from school that cost $1. 00.

You think to yourself “that’s not much” but think again. If you buy one water every day for one year it will add up to $365. 0 and that’s an abundant amount of money just for water! But if you buy a reusable water bottle which cost roughly about $20. 00 it will save you over $300! $20. 00 may seem like a lot at the time but think about the future and how it will affect your finances. The recommended eight glasses of water a day, at U. S. tap rates equals about$. 49 per year; that same amount of bottled water is about $1400 (Fishman). That is a drastic change which is why we should by reusable water bottles. Buying a plastic water bottle costs a lot of money but if you want to save switch to a reusable water bottle!

Reusable water bottles are better for the environment other people think that plastic water bottles are better because they have a lower carbon footprint and they have better water. Mr. Jeffrey, Nestle Waters CEO believes that plastic water bottles leave less of a carbon footprint. Although this is correct it is only partially correct! The reason for this is because metal takes more energy to turn into a container but if you add the amount of plastic water bottles the factories make in a year eventually the energy used to make the plastic water bottles overcomes the energy of the reusable metal water bottle.

Factories also bilk us into thinking that plastic water bottle water has cleaner or better water. This is a complete lie. All water is the same, two hydrogen’s and one oxygen. Yes, some water is obviously dirty but what everyone does is purify it, that’s what they do in factories and that’s what they do for tap water. Even though some people think plastic water bottles are better this is not true and this is why it is better to use reusable water bottles. Reusable water bottles, useful in many ways, are better for the environment and saves money.

Reusable water bottles are ways to save the environment because when it is being produced it saves more energy and oil compared to when you produce plastic water bottles. Reusable water bottles are also useful because it can save you money if you just refill a metal water bottle compared to if you brought multiple plastic water bottles a day. It may not make a very big difference now but in a 100 years it will be the difference the future needs if we are not prudent about water bottles.

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