Romeo and juliet 115

In the end though, she must make a brash decision and travel to the fairy queen’s shrine (the last person who did was turned to dandelion fluff) in order to save ere family. Seth Sorenson (Mathew Louis): The “yin” part of the equation, he is brash and undaunted by danger. His disobedience leads the preserve to near destruction and much more later in the book. Although his bravery is admirable, it often causes trouble. Yet, it is through this that he saves the day later in the series (you have to read it, spoilers).

The story itself seems to demonstrate that it is through a harmonious balance of the two that they succeed most. Ruth “Grand” Sorenson (Betty White): Making up half of the husband wife team that protects the preserve, she is alma and knowledgeable. Capable of making calculated decisions quickly. She is not a powerless old woman as may be expected. She knows her way around a crossbow. Grand is wise but not infallible, her overconfidence results in her whole family (excluding Kenned) being captured.

Characters Not In Scene: Stan “Grandpa” Sorenson (Jeff Bridges): part of the direct bloodline that inherits the responsibility of taking care of the preserve, he IS quite reverent towards the species there. He ensures both sides keep the peace in the treaty but, like all humans this leads to his downfall. He is captured by the witch Muriel because of his lack of action. Stan is not a tired old man keeping the preserve going smoothly for decades and not seeming to have any plans of retirement.

Dale (Ramie Hammer): A caretaker on the grounds, Dales backstops isn’t quite given. His brother Warren was quite adventurous thwarting plans by the evil organization The Society of the Evening Star, although this probably lead to his current condition. Quiet but advising, he spends a relatively large portion Of the book a lead statue. Lena (Jennifer Lawrence): First introduced as a mere housekeeper Lena has the backstops of cockatrices; originating as a naiad Lena left her immortal life in the pond to be with the love of her life.

Although he has passed on now, Lena is content with her choice. She has traveled the world and excels at many arts. She is kind and wise and a great help to Seth and Kenned. Unfortunately, she is taken back the pond by well-meaning fairies at the end of the book. You see when a naiad returns it is reverted to its original state and immortal airhead content with the timelessness of the pond. Muriel Étagère (Lindsey Loan): The antagonist of the story, Muriel was the kind wife of an unnamed retaken.

But, when she delved into the darker parts of Fleabane she became obsessed with the dark arts and descended into witchcraft. Becoming too dangerous for her own good her magic was literally tied into knots which form a strong rope that stop her from leaving the confines of an ancient shack that serves as her prison. When an outsider blows on one of the knots enough of her magic is released for her to cast a spell to help them; but, if all the knots are undone she is free. By returning Grand from her chicken form she is freed and set loose on fleabane.

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