Stereotyping women

Women have always been faced with many stereotypes. However, not all stereotypes can be negative. There are many positive stereotypes along with negative stereotypes about women. Although, if you were to mention the topic stereotypes about women, most people would think of the negatives because that’s what people tend to focus on. I will talk about the positive stereotypes that women face and the negative stereotypes that women face. I will also talk about women in the media.

“Women are very cunning and manipulative”, is one negative stereotypes towards women. It means how women can be very deceiving and can make you do stuff of what they might desire. For example, if you saw a really attractive woman and she asks you to buy her something and she would give you something that men desire in return. High chances are that you would accept that offer even though that woman can be lying. “Get back to the Kitchen” is also another negative stereotype that women face. Men who say that claim that women should know their place. For them a women’s place is the Kitchen. In History, women were supposed to take care of household. Women also needed to know how to cook and provide food for the men since that was their role. However, times have changed and many women are working in positions that a long time ago they would’ve never dreamed they would be able to. But even then some men believe that women still need to be home and should be in the kitchen where they belong. By being in the kitchen meaning to cook and provide food for the husband.

There are many positive stereotypes about women as well. An example of a positive stereotype about women is, “Women are fun to be around.” This stereotype can have more than one meaning. One meaning is in general that women are more social and can show you a more good time than a man can. Another meaning can be sexual to show that it’s fun to be around a woman that can sexually please you. Another positive stereotype about women is that, “Women on average are more understanding and intuitive than men.” This stereotype means that women have a more understanding of everything. If you were to go to a woman and told her a problem you were having, she’d most likely help you and give you better advice than a man were to give. Also it means that women more likely know what is “right” than men do. Women are more mature in a sense and will understand you better than men can.

There are many stereotypes facing women in the media. If you were to turn on your T.V you will most likely see at least one advertisement of a Hair shampoo, conditioner, or soap for women. The advertisement shows the “silky smooth hair” of women. When women or men watch this, in their head they feel that every woman should have this. And this is how women should keep their hair like and if they don’t they are deemed unclean. Another stereotype is that if a woman is to be working in the Pornography Industry, she is considered a “slut” or a “whore.” They believe that if a woman is having sex with many men for money and their videos are shown all around the world, then they are sluts or whore. Because of this stereotype, if a girl was to have sex with a lot of men, she would be considered a slut as well even if she wasn’t working in the Pornography Industry.

There are many negative and positive stereotypes that women face. Some of these stereotypes affect women in a bad way and some affect them in a good way. Not all of these stereotypes affect each and every single woman. Because of many stereotypes against women there has been an idea of feminism that has been created in history. There are stereotypes for women anywhere they go. Women face stereotypes especially in the media such as T.V Advertisements and the Pornography Industry. In my personal opinion, I don’t think stereotypes are always correct. I believe that they are just an opinion that is agreed up by the mass media.

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