The changing roles of men and women in society

From the past to the present, the roles of men and women have changed through generations, cultures, and tradition. In the past, the roles of men and women were determined by physical attributes, because men were stronger than women. Men had a lot of responsibility, such as working and providing for their family. Therefore, men had power and got more opportunities than women. However, women have become equal with men in society recently, for example, in education, work, politics, and the household.

First of all, education is a basic foundation of our life because it teaches humans about organized thinking and how to make sharp decisions. Consequently, education can provide a chance to make our life better. In the last century, only men could learn and went to school while women did not have an education, because society believed men had an ability and skill to learn more than women. Also, people in society chose to provide opportunities in education to men first.

These days, society gives the same educational opportunity to women as men, and women have the potential to study in the same way as men. Also, nowadays more women are educated than men. For example, the proportion of men and women in primary school is similar, but their changes when entering university. Similarly, the position of men and women in the workplace has changed. In previous times, women did not have a role in the workplace and could not get to the top of the company. There were many reasons why there was less fairness in the workplace.

First, society believed that women had limited knowledge and ability, or emotional rather than logical skills. Another factor was the “Old boys’ club”, was the all-male group that men form and the connections they make with each other to help themselves gain power and success. Currently, there is more equality in the workplace, and women can be in highly successful the positions, such as CEO of the company. For example, Marissa Mayer is an American business executive. As of 2013 she is the president and CEO of Yahoo.

She is an excellent working woman and is accepted by all of the employees. Although women are accepted in the workplace, women’s issues persist. There are some jobs women cannot do because their physical condition does not suitable, such as a pilot, mechanic, or navigator. Furthermore, the trouble of the “Mommy Track” is that people often think that working women with children are not serious about their jobs because they always worry about their children, so they cannot concentrate or dedicate themselves fully to their jobs.

Therefore, there are huge problems that prevent women from being successful in their work. In addition, politics has become a place dominated by men. In the past, politics did not have space for women and prevent in political rights. Today, women have authority in politics and also women can be a president or Prime Minister. For example, Julia Gillard is the Prime Minister of Australia, and Yingluck Shinawatra is the first female and the youngest Prime Minister of Thailand. They are good leaders, leading the country to peace and success.

However, most politicians are still men because they like to be leaders, competitors, and strategists. Furthermore, in former times, household chores were the duty of women because they did not go to work outside. At the moment, both can go to work outside, but most households are still the domain of women. Also, women have to do double the jobs that are important, such as employee, wife and mother. Nevertheless, some families share household chores, for instance, men have a duty to repair the house and take care of the garden, while women do the cooking, cleaning, and look after their children.

In conclusion, the transforming roles of males and females in society have many benefits to women these days. For example, women have opportunities in education, and they have knowledge and skills to work. After that they can be successful in their career and also have power in politics. Moreover, household chores are not only task for women anymore. In the future, women might be the Prime Minister more than these days. What is more, when women become managers, they trend to promote more subordinate women than men.

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