The setting and arthur isolation in the woman in black

Arthurs isolation is physically and emotionally described, for instance “and he left me alone” he feels like an outsider because the village is out of his norm and he feels as if the villagers are oblivious so they speak nonsense. He has a major ego because of the fact he’s from London and the rest live in an isolated town called Crythin Gifford. When he notices The Woman In Black “and caught a glimpse of another mourner” this suggests he’s isolated and Mr Jerome says “a young woman?” Mr Jerome didn’t see anyone or anything, Arthurs the only one who saw her so he’s stuck in a situation his carefree mind doesn’t overlook. “Instead of replying to my question at all, he turned right away from me” he’s physically isolated here because the villagers are clearly hinting that its a sensative subject however Arthur doesn’t pick up on the hints. Arthurs question doesn’t get answered which clearly suggests everyone is hiding something leaving Arthur isolated. On the causeway to Eel Marsh house keckwish is silent “the speechless Keckwick” this suggests Keckwick is silent because he knows they’re not going to a joyful place, it’s more doom and gloom. Also, talking in this situation would also be inappropirate. To Arthurs dismay, he doesnt know whats going on, so he stays silent and doesnt try to make any conversation which isolates him again.

The setting and location in the story also has little clues like “Eel Marsh House” eels are negative creatures which symoblise death, evil, sin, destruction and revenge. It makes sense because in The Woman In Blacks personality, she doesn’t have a positive aura, its more on the “dark side”. “Gapemouth Tunnel” is a clue about what Arthur later finds out – the mystery – is actually very shocking, however its not not heard of. Hill puts it into context that makes it more new, more different. The causeway “Nine Lives Causeway” is concealing a hidden story of where Nathaniel died (Women In Blacks son). The causeway is leading up to the problem which in this case is Eel Marsh House. It’s like the journey between Earth and Hell and Keckwick is like Charon in the myth of Hades and The Underworld.

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