Why did women fail to gain the right to vote between 1900 and 1914

Between 1900 and 1914, women tried to get the vote but because of the voting system, their chances were very slim.

So because of this the women were not allowed to vote. This meant that many women resulted in using violence to get their message across that they wanted to earn the right to vote. Two groups of women had emerged, the Suffragists who used non-violent methods of violence and the Suffragettes who used violents methods of campaigning for the women to get their right to vote. The first reason why women failed to get the right to vote was because of their role in British society.

They weren”t taught politics at school but instead they were taught important household jobs such as how to light a fire, how to do the ironing and how to do the cooking. They were seen as the lower class. Men dominated women which is known as patriarchal society. The next reason why women failed to get the right to vote was because they would vote against important things.

They would vote against war which would ruin the country dramatically if not financially. Men thought they shouldn”t be given the right to vote because they didn”t fight for their own country.Thirdly, women did not get the right to vote because of the actions of MPs. They never gave a clear picture as to whether women were likely to get the vote or not because they kept on changing their minds.

Another reason why women failed to get the vote was because of the failure or dropping of the Conciliation Bill. This was a bill created by women only asking for the vote of one million women but unfortunately, at the very last minute, this bill was dropped making it even harder for women to earn the right to vote.Also, another of the reasons which made it hard for women to get the vote was because of the violence of the suffragettes. Their campaign of violence got worse as it went on.

The MPs also kept on fighting back and because of this the suffragettes would become more agitated meaning that they could jump out at any minute with another of their violent attacks. Another of the reasons preventing women from getting the vote was because of the splits between each of the violent groups suffragists and suffragettes. They also criticised each other.Another reason why women didn”t get the right to vote was because of the public opinion.

The public was against female suffrage because of all the violence that they had used to win their right to vote and because of this they were less likely to get the vote and the attitude of the newspapers was on the public opinion”s side aswell. Some newspapers were totally against the idea of women getting the right to vote. They were often called lunatics. Most papers were totally biased and they also had exaggerated storylines.

I think that women did deserve the right to vote because of all their hard work and campaigning that they done for their aim which was to win the right to vote but on the other hand, I dont think that they won the vote just because of the campaigning that they did, I think that they won it because of all of their work that they had done during the war while the men were away fighting. This proved that women were just as capoable as men at doing their own jobs. This was the reason that I think that caused women to earn their right to vote and to earn them a place in history !!!

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