Womens emancipation in asia

This is a question I’ve been asking myself a bit recently.

But what is emancipation? Emancipation is equality amongst gender; the right of women to be treated the same as men. But in this part of the world is this happening? In many modern, more developed countries, women are more likely to be treated the same and given the same opportunities in education and employment. But in less developed countries, people are still prejudiced towards women, seeing them as if they have a lower value than men.Nowadays in nearly every Asian country, women have the right to vote and the right to have the same education as men.

Many schools in Asia are now entitled to be single sex schools, in an effort to encourage people to give their daughters a good education. Many Asian countries have also recognised women as their leaders, Indira Gandhi in India, Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan and Aun San Soo-kyi in Burma, etc. But as much as I hate to admit it, even in my country, Indonesia, women are treated differently to men. Women are more likely to be kept at home and raised to be housewives.

Women may be given the same opportunities in education, but still the best jobs are given to men. Old ways and ancient traditions, where men are entitled to work and make a living for their families can perhaps explain this. The subject of female emancipation arose during the recent Indonesian presidential election. Before Ms.

Megawati was nominated as one of the candidates, many people who claimed to be political experts didn’t believe that a woman had the ability to lead a nation, as if they had forgotten Indira Gandhi and Benazir Bhutto.Their reasons and excuses were contrived and silly, which made them look foolish. They said that there is a religious law, which forbids women to lead a country. Thankfully many people didn’t recognise such a law.

To many people it was a surprise when Ms. Megawati did stand for the election and still more so when she lost. To top it all, she was expected by many to win, since her political party was the ultimate winner. Many international experts believed that she could help bring Indonesia out of its economic depression, but it was not to be.

It is difficult to know why women are treated differently, it is a deep rooted cultural thing. Many poorer Asian families think that having a son is more helpful than a daughter. Not only will their sons preserve the family name, but the poor often say that men are more intelligent than women. Even many of the educated classes put higher expectations on their sons than on their daughters.

Although many try to deny it, the truth can’t be hidden, that many choose to educate their sons in foreign countries and their daughters in their own.In many Muslim countries in the Middle East, women are hidden in the house, and when they do go out, they can’t show anything of themselves but their two eyes. This kind of suffering is made worse for women in Afghanistan, where they can’t even show their eyes, and when they walk on the streets they must be escorted by an elderly man from the family, and the worst of all, they can’t make a noise while walking. The right of going to school is also denied.

This country doesn’t even have women’s teams in sports, since only men have the right to exercise.Then why don’t women in Asia fight for their rights to be treated equally? Again the matter isn’t so simple, and again it has to do with culture. The culture in many of these countries allow men to place women in a lower place, which is of course totally unfair. I believe there should never be a right for men to sell women like a price of property, especially for this to be written into a legal constitution.

In certain Third World countries such as India, when a man wants to marry a woman, an amount of money must be paid to the women’s family.Women don’t have the power to fight laws like this; they are taught to obey men, their fathers, brothers and their husbands. I hate seeing people being treated differently for whatever reason. Many psychologists say this is because of the fact that men are afraid of successful women.

But why are they like this? It is because men want to be superior. It’s as simple as that. Men want to be seen as winners, the ones who take the last decision in everything, the ones who have power.And if they don’t they feel offended! You may think that I’m saying this because I’m a woman and that I’m trying to find an opportunity to say what I think about men.

But no, it’s not just about saying that “men are bastards”, although many are! It’s about treating all human beings the same. It’s about human rights. To tell you the truth, I think all the men who say that women in Asia are treated the same as men, are just saying words that don’t mean anything. Nothing more, nothing less.

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