Analysis of an editorial cartoon worksheet

Joshua Leung
13-0059Analysis of Current Dominican Issues –Prof. Torres
Analysis of an Editorial Cartoon Worksheet
1. Choose 2 editorial cartoons and complete the requested fields. Include a copy of each cartoon.2. Answer the following:a. Identify the cartoon title or caption, the source and date of publishingCaption: How things have changed
Date of publishing: 20 nov 2012b. List the objects or people included in the cartoon What we can see in this picture is the border that separates United States from Mexico, Mexican immigrants that want to go back to their country, and the guards.c. List key words or phrases in the cartoon essential for the understanding of the information offered. The most important phrase from this picture is the one spoken from the guard, which is “ looks like the U.s Economy is worse off than we thought.” The other phrase is from the immigrants which is not really important but what he says is “Por Favor! Lemme Go Home.”
d. Which symbols, objects or persons seem to be most significant? Why
The border is important because it’s something that we have seen since kids, which is the separation of the United States and Mexico. The other important thing are the immigrants that are helping each other to get out, because they usually come to the US seeking for a better life, but now they realized that there’s nothing for them in the US since the economy is doing poorly.e. Describe the action-taking place in the picture; do you feel it was a good choice by the cartoonist? Why or why not
What is happening in this cartoon is immigrants running back to their country because they realized that the economy in the USA is doing really poor. It was a good choice by the cartoonist because he’s letting people know that the economy is not as great as it was before.f. Explain the message of the cartoon. (Write a minimum of 5 sentences)The message of the cartoon is…

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