Applications with nuclear chemistry with medicine

The role nuclear chemistry plays a major role in medicine, the parts that nuclear chemistry with medicine is the form of radiation. There are types of methods used to apply radiation to the human body to outline some they will be medical imaging (X rays) and radiation therapy which are in the emphasis of nuclear medicine.

Also nuclear chemistry has some other methods that deals with nuclear medicine called analytic methods which are using radioactive isotopes for biological tracers and using isotopes for dilution. Radiation can have beneficial and harmful effects towards organisms, and it normally be applied in the form of dosages. It is said that as the dosages increase the greater the effect the radiation has upon the body, effects can be with having good responses and some with negative responses as death.

The role radiation plays in medical imaging come in three basic application steps that emits images of target sites in the human body, these steps are outlined to be; the application of a radioactive isotope which is applied to the various parts of the body needed to construct an radioisotope-based image, the method of detecting the radiation that is involved in the screening and the a technological device such as a computer to interpret the information detected by the screening to for the image needed.

With this application the target tissue must absorb the compound that contains the isotope; one of the most popular used isotopes for scans is Technetium -99m, this isotope last only for a period of time. Positron emission tomography (PET) is another technique used. With the radiation therapy this is the method used to treat cancers, to apply this treatment a boron-11 isotope solution is placed within the tumor which bombards it with neutrons; particles are only produced at the tumors sight killing the cancerous cells.

With using these radioisotopes to play a role as tracers, the application method for this technique is radioactive isotopes are added to compounds to carry out the test. Isotope dilution the isotopic compound is injected in the bodies circulatory system allowing the isotope to evenly distribute and then a blood sample is taken to measure the radioactivity to determine the blood volume.

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