Case study for environmental protection

Environmental protection and health concerns are a very important issue in today’s world as humans are corroding the environment at a very high pace. Each individual has a responsibility towards the environment, as we all are an integral part of the nature. The ethical issues we are facing towards the nature and environment will depict our future and our future generation’s potential. The ecological and the human health concerns should be the top priority as the extreme use of fossils fuels and non biodegradable products are harming the environment on the highest level.

Methods corporate strategy and dedication to environmental values and health has helped itself to emerge as a shining player in the field of cleaning product industry. By using PLA as a substitute for the toxic substances in the cleaning products, Method is taking a new direction to improve the quality of its product and is taking another initiation developing the concern of its customer’s satisfaction. There are numerous ethical issues concerning the use of PLA in the Method line of products.

The first ethical dilemma faced here is whether to import the PLA from china knowing the fact that it would consume more resources during transportation and would be less sustainable. Secondly, will the new Method product be accepted by the retailers in the global market in spite knowing that the product may contain genetically modified organism. Finally, in the long run which one would be a better option, to continue using the non biodegradable resources or to initiate a step toward the protection of natural resources?

The above ethical issues we face will have an effect on many stakeholders around the globe as well as the nature. Being an environment friendly company, there are many obligations that company has to fulfil in order to achieve its motto of sustainable survival. The company’s image of environment protection would reach new heights as it has stretched its arms on a global level to maintain its reputation. The company is delivering a high end product to its customers with exclusive fragrances and packaging, and minimum harm to environment and humans.

The use of PLA by Method would encourage the other companies facing competition in the market to follow the same footsteps towards their research and development in order to create better merchandise. The import of PLA would also encourage employment and financial opportunities in China and Taiwan. The nature’s resources are limited and the human needs are endless, hence the better use of the nature’s resources is very important. The consideration of the long and short term consequences of using the environment material is very essential.

There are many chemicals present in cleaning products available in the market which considerably harm the food cycle and the environment. For instance, soaps and detergents contain many harmful substances like phosphate and surfactants which provides plant nutrient acting as a food source for the algae which consumes the oxygen present in the environment. Many non biodegradable materials take thousands of years to decompose and ends up being a source of landfills making the land barren and unsuitable for cultivation. The use of cheaper materials or sources maybe profitable in the short run but it will prove be very harmful in the long run.

The use of PLA is a symbolic expression of the Method to spread the message of environment protection awareness. This also helps in building customers relations as company is open to disclose all the information and is doing nothing wrong which would later result in outraging situations. Method entails to deliver the best product without any secrecy to its stakeholders so any information evolving from and within the product would not attract any negative feedback from the consumer and other critics. PLA proves to be high performing and cost effective substitute to many toxic chemical harmful to the environment and humans.

The ethical dilemma facing the company is whether to export the PLA from china or continue using the toxic substances like phosphate and polyethylene terephthalate. The company’s principle is to provide natural and least harmful product and in this case exporting from China would be the right decision as outsourcing cost of PLA would be far less in the long run. The product is inclined to possess genetically modified organisms and consumer would be made full aware of this information as they have right to correct information about the product.

The product with PLA material would specify the substance and content for the customer satisfaction. There are all kinds of retailers and buyers and considering the reputation of the company in such a short time, the people will tend to accept the product. Looking at the pros and cons of the product it seems far more favourable to use the PLA, than using the harmful and toxic chemicals and going against the company’s principles. The use of PLA in the cleaning product may generate many ethical dilemmas to an individual or a community. Every different individual and community will hold a different opinion about the se of PLA. The company should follow a full disclosure policy about the product and should be proud of using such a material as the company is taking an initiation towards a healthier future. Method’s obligation to consumer is to maintain the best quality product with minimal harmful effect to nature and humans. There may be many answers to this problem but looking at this situation and in the best interest of the company’s principle and the consumers, it seems appropriate to derive a conclusion that using PLA as a substitute for the toxic substances in the cleaning product would be the best option.

The use of PLA in cleaning products raises many ethical dilemmas. The best way to overcome a dilemma is to act after gathering complete or as much as possible information and to be prepared for any problem to come. The best judgment would be to take a decision which is in the best interest of the consumer and the company as a whole. The above choice of following the company’s principle and exporting the PLA for cleaning product from china may conflict many people but it seems after analyzing the given information and the gut feeling that this would be the rational decision in such kind of an ethical dilemma.

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