Case study of the body shop

How has The Body Shop continued to address the four components of corporate social responsibility? The Body shop continued to address the component of corporate social reasonability through it economic responsibilities. They have to keep their economic success and see if its helping the or effecting the company profitability. Also a few charges have been raised due to the illegalities practice of the company, but the company tries to follow the law. In this case there were a few ethical issues has been raised like stealing the idea of the store and franchising practicing.

Finally, the company tries to do their best to fulfill its philanthropic responsibilities by building up social causes. 2- What is your assessment of The Body Shop’s response to Jon Entine’s Business Ethics article? Has The Body Shop misrepresented itself to stakeholders, and if so, how? The Body shop could show more occurrences to the public in responding to the article. It would be much better if the company had admitted their wrongdoing to make some improvement if any of Entine’s claims had been valid. – Jon Entine and others have accused the Body Shop of using intimidation to stifle critics. Does this appear to be a valid criticism? Was The Body Shop justified in hiring Hill & Knowlton to conduct a public relations campaign? According to the some facts that are giving in the case this does not appear to be a valid criticism. Also the Body Shop major concern was to defend their reputation by hiring Hill & knowlton to a conduct public relations. – Has The Body Shop’s reputation been damaged by the incidents in this case? How might the company improve its reputation? Do you believe the steps described in the case, including hiring an advertising agency, will help or hinder these efforts? It actually appears that the Body Shop’s reputation has been damaged by the incidents in this case. This would have affected their stakeholders’ faith so they have to act fast and try to solve this threat to restore the stakeholders’ faith.

The idea of hiring an advertising agency might help, but the company has to make sure that their social image is back up by legal and ethical practice. In additional, The Company might improve its reputation through the idea of a social audit. 5- Describe the roles you believe Gordon and Anita Roddick should play in The Body Shop’s operations. How might a stockholder, a customer, a supplier, and an employee assess the roles that the Roddicks should play? Gordon and Anita Roddick are the founders of the company and they brought the company to where it is today.

But the company has a few social responsibilities polices over sound which will not let the company to continue. For the company to stay operating and business, it has to meet a certain level of economic prosperity. I think Gordon and Anita Roddick should play the role to subordinate themselves to professional managers, because they company needs a better strategic planning. Each stockholder, a customer, a supplier, and an employee assess Roddicks role with their self-interest.

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