Characters in noli me tangere and their symbols

These characters were mentioned in the novel, appeared once, mentioned many times or have no major contribution to the storyline. Don Pedro Eibarramendia – the great-grandfather of Crisostomo Ibarra who came from the Basque area of Spain. He started the misfortunes of Elias’ family.

His descendants abbreviated their surname to Ibarra. He died of unknown reasons, but was seen as a decaying corpse on a Balite Tree. Don Saturnino Ibarra – the son of Don Pedro, father of Don Rafael and grandfather of Crisostomo Ibarra.He was the one who developed the town of San Diego.

He was described as a cruel man but was very clever. Salome – Elias’ sweetheart. She lives in a little house by the lake, and though Elias would like to marry her, he tells her that it would do her or their children no good to be related to a fugitive like himself. In the original publication of Noli, the chapter that explores the identity of Elias and Salome was omitted, classifying her as a total non-existing character.

This chapter, entitled Elias y Salome was probably the 25th chapter of the novel.However, recent editions and translations of Noli provides the inclusion of this chapter, either on the appendix or renamed as Chapter X (Ex). Sinang – Maria Clara’s friend. Because Crisostomo Ibarra offered half of the school he was building to Sinang, he gained Capitan Basilio’s support.

Iday, Andeng and Victoria – Maria Clara’s other friends. Capitan Basilio – Sinang’s father, leader of the conservatives. Pedro – the abusive husband of Sisa who loves cockfighting. Tandang Pablo – The leader of the tulisanes (bandits), whose family was destroyed because of the Spaniards.

El hombre amarillo (apparently means “yellowish person”, named as Taong Madilaw) – One of Crisostomo Ibarra’s would-be assassins. He is not named in the novel, and only described as such. In the novel, he carved the corner stone for Ibarra’s school. Instead of killing Ibarra, he was killed by his corner stone.

Lucas – the brother of the taong madilaw. He planned a revolution against the government with Ibarra as the leader after he was turned down by Ibarra. He was said to have a scar on his left cheek. He would later be killed by the Sakristan Mayor.

Bruno and Tarsilo – a pair of brothers whose father was killed by the Spaniards. Nor Juan (Nol Juan) – appointed as foreman of the school to be built by Ibarra Capitana Tika – Sinang’s mother and wife of Capitan Basilio. Albino – a former seminarian who joined the picnic with Ibarra and Maria Clara. Was later captured during the revolution.

Capitana Maria Elena – a nationalist woman who defends Ibarra of the memory of his father. Capitan Tinong and Capitan Valentin – other known people from the town of San Diego. Sacristan Mayor – The one who governs the altar boys and killed Crispin for his accusation.

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