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This Critical Analysis essay is based on the movie Shrek. The book Shrek! Was written by author William Steig, which the film was directed by Vicky Jenson and Andrew Anderson. The Analysis is also based on a children’s picture book which the class were given a range to choose from, I chose the picture book Woolvs In The Sitee. Woolvs In The Sitee is written by author Margaret Wild, with Illustrations painted by Anne Spudvilas With the analysis, it is to tell what some of the adult themes there are in the children’s book and the movie, to see if the themes are suitable for children.

The question is “Is it really for kids? ” An adult theme is a type of category that can be placed in everyday life. Adult themes can be used in the body language, and it can also be heard in language; these are the most common to be noticed. It is just like a movie and a book, in a movie there are different categories for a person’s age; for a G (General) rating it can be watched by children even if they are by themselves. If it is rated PG (Parental Guidance) the children should be around a parent or at least have someone around that is an adult.

In a PG rated film there could be some un-necessary body language used for a child to watch. In books there are also different categories with a range that says ‘children’ to ‘adventure’ and many more. A book cannot be watched like a movie can be. In a picture book, you would not be able to see the pictures move but to read along and to imagine. Each book has a different story, and it depends on the author. For the reader of the book, the person would be able to imagine the words moving in their mind. This would make the reader notice the adult themes in the book. The adult themes in Woolvs In The Sitee, are hard to notice.

The story is about a little boy who is afraid to go outside because he sees wolves in the streets and where he used to play. He has a neighbour named Mrs Radinski, who does not believe the little boy; and he tries to tell her to listen. That is all he does. Mrs Radinski disappears, and the little boy goes out and searches for her whether or not there are wolves. This is not suitable for children because, throughout Woolvs In The Sitee it is just like a child had written the whole thing. I understand that it is a child’s side of the story, but it is all spelling mistakes.

It teaches the children to write this way after being thought into spelling simple words the correct way. The spelling mistakes may also make it difficult in reading this as it had been years since they saw children write the way that they do, unless the adults are parents. Shrek is a PG rated film; the story for this is that Shrek is an ogre and he goes on a mission with a talking Donkey to save and to bring a princess to a prince, just so that he could be king. What Shrek did not know was that Princess Fiona cursed, and that she transforms into an ogre at sunset.

While on the journey back to the prince’s castle, Princess Fiona and Shrek get along quite well. At the end of the film Shrek finds out that Princess Fiona is an ogre when she is at the altar to marry the prince. The adult themes in the film are that there are some inappropriate language used that children may not understand until they have grown up a little more and then notice. In the Critical Analysis, I talked about what Adult Themes are from what I think they mean and what they may be in books and in movies also what the categories may have been.

Woolvs In The Sitee, was about a little child who was lost and afraid of the outside, also how the adult themes may have been about how the children’s book would have to have a spell check on every page because it teaches a child the wrong way of how they would write their stories. Shrek was about an ogre that saved a princess to get married to a prince just so that he could be king. The adult themes in the film were that there was inappropriate language throughout the film and that I had just noticed the different language that I thought was different to what it was when I was growing up.

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