Comparison between lord of the flies and catcher in the rye essay sample 3920

The two books that I am comparing are The Catcher in the Rye. and Lord of the Flies. The two books are really interesting and are really opposite yet the same in many ways. In The Catcher in the Rye. Holden is an idealistic character who becomes more of a realist as the novel progresses. while in the Lord of the Flies. many characters assume different functions. But the chief statement between the two novels is that Holden has a dream occupation of being the backstop in the rye. The backstop in the rye symbolizes that Holden is on an fanciful drop. seeking to maintain the kids from falling off. The rye symbolizes childhood and artlessness. but falling off would intend falling into the “phony” universe of adult-hood. Holden wants to maintain the childs on the rye continuing their artlessness. In the Lord of the Flies. the male childs are stuck on an island without grownup supervising and rapidly lose their artlessness. going barbarians. Jack is the leader of the barbarians. and he is ever moving really wild and loony on the island. Jack yelled this quotation mark a figure of times. ” Kill the hog! Cut his pharynx! Kill the hog! Bash him in! ” ( Golding 126 ) . The subject I am seeking to link. is it possible to remain guiltless your whole life. or will everyone finally lose their artlessness?

In the Lord of the Flies. Ralph and Piggy are the two chief characters seeking to maintain artlessness on the island by seeking to reconstruct a democratic island. Piggy tries to utilize his wisdom. while Ralph attempts to utilize the small power he has left. But in order to reconstruct democracy and artlessness on the island they must vie with Jack. who is commanding the island by doing everyone believe that eating meat is more of import than being rescued. He even lets down his guard at the signal fire and loses their opportunities of being rescued ; but even though Jack is non the right cat to be leader on the island. because he doesn’t think for the long tally. the male childs like Jack because he fills their tummy with meat. Ralph and Piggy can be compared to Holden’s dream occupation of being the backstop in the rye. Both things are unrealistic. as it is impossible to maintain childs from falling into maturity and losing their artlessness. because it is a normal. healthy portion of life. and Holden finally learns that. and Ralph and Piggy realize that it is unrealistic to vie with Jack’s group of barbarians. and that everyone will finally lose their artlessness.

Holden Caulfield believes that all childs are guiltless. and when they go into the grownup universe. they all become hypocrites. Holden feels that all grownups in the book are hypocrites. except for the nuns. Holden thinks that all grownups ruin kids and take away their artlessness. If Holden’s ideas were true. so Holden would believe that the island in Lord of the Flies would be the most guiltless topographic point. but in Lord of the Flies the kids lose their artlessness by moving like barbarians. On the island they even kill each other! The ground the childs act like this is because there are no grownups on the island ; Holden would experience that with no grownups the childs would populate free and guiltless. but the truth is that because there were no grownups. the childs acted like barbarians. What is besides dry about this. is that Ralph and Piggy were the lone 1s on the island moving like grownups. while Jack and the remainder of the childs on the island were moving like the childs. so the lone 1s on the island that truly acted inexperienced person are the 1s that acted like grownups. Throughout the whole novel of Lord of the Flies. the childs act like barbarians because there are no grownups. but the minute an grownup stairss onto the island. this restores order ; the childs realize at the terminal that they acted like barbarians and the grownup restores the artlessness. which proves Holden incorrect because Holden feels that grownups take away our artlessness. when they truly maintain it.

In The Catcher in the Rye. Holden feels that it is because of society that you can’t maintain your artlessness. but in Lord of the Flies. the male childs can’t maintain their artlessness because there is no society. In The Catcher in the Rye. Holden feels that it is society that is destructing artlessness. An illustration of this is how Holden saw the graffito on the walls of his small sister’s school. which read “fuck you” ( Salinger 201 ) This got Holden mad and depressed. and this is an illustration of how Holden feels that society takes off the artlessness of kids. In the Lord of the Flies. because there is no society. the childs lose their artlessness. The childs lose their artlessness. because there are no regulations on the island. and leads the childs to believe that they can make whatever they want. and leads them to move like barbarians. What the two novels tell us. is that no affair what happens in society. we will ever lose your artlessness.

In both novels. everyone is losing their artlessness. Holden is losing it but he doesn’t face the facts at the beginning. but at the terminal of the novel. as Holden sees Phoebe on the carrousel. he starts to recognize that there is nil he can make to forestall himself or Phoebe from turning up. and he realizes that everyone will finally lose their artlessness. In Lord of the Flies. the childs are losing their artlessness and there is nil that they can make about it. because there will ever be a higher power to take away artlessness. like Jack did in Lord of the Flies. In both novels the characters lose their artlessness. but in both novels. at the terminal the characters face world. This shows that everyone will finally lose their artlessness. and everyone will hold to set to life without it.

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