I remember the first time i went to catholic school

I remember drinking Juicy-Juice apple juice every day, but only the ones with Arthur on it. I remember how lispy I used to be. I remember being able to whistle through the gaps in my front teeth. I remember not believing that the world was round for several years. I remember how angry I would get when my moms friends would pinch my cheeks. I remember when I genuinely thought that I was going to be a rapper when I grew up, which could still happen. I remember the creepy music that the ice cream man would play.

I remember my brother pushing me off a swing set and a nail going through my finger. I remember the sweet taste of hot chocolate after nearly getting frostbite for sledding for so long. I remember the twitchy kid in my pre-school class. I remember the first time I went to the zoo and tried breaking into the monkeys’ cage to play with them. I remember having an ‘overactive bladder’ when I was 5. I remember the muffin man. I remember when I would religiously watch a strange cartoon with a bald kid named Caillou. I remember my mom’s old blue van.

I remember getting kicked out of catholic school for throwing the insides of a pumpkin at an evil kid, on Halloween. I remember eating double chocolate cupcakes. I remember the scary and creepy Big Bird at Sesame Place. I remember the first time I rode a rollercoaster and cried for 2 hours afterwards. I remember getting really sick and finding out I am allergic to shellfish. I remember fighting with my mom everyday and then making up within 5 minutes. I remember my 100-pack of Crayola Crayons, they made me feel cool in kindergarten. I remember my chocolate Labrador. I remember the creaky swings at Edgewood.

I remember getting lost 8 times on my first day of middle school, and then getting frustrated and hiding in the bathroom for the last 3 hours of the school day. I remember my Nemo fish. I remember when I was madly in love in 1st grade. I remember when my parents brought home my newborn brother from the hospital and I asked my dad to take him back to the store and get me a puppy instead. I remember my favorite red nail polish. I remember the smell of Seaside, which makes me sick every time. I remember eating a total of at least 100 pounds of Froot loops. I remember getting a fever of 104 when I was little and thinking I was dying.

I remember my favorite Winnie the Pooh blanket that my mom eventually threw away because it was disgusting. I was heartbroken. I remember developing an obsession for Skittles. I remember the first time I saw a monarch butterfly, and it landed on my blue jeans. I remember throwing up every time I ate mashed potatoes or eggnog. I remember when Orpah was skinny. I remember getting yelled at by Mrs. Wood in pre-school because I didn’t feel like praying or listening to a lecture on Jesus, so I told her to call my mom and let me go home. I remember the sweet taste of my favorite apple pie.

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