Internal external forces for change at whole foods market

The internal forces for change within Whole Foods are that of the employees. Whole Foods stays alive because of the happiness of their workers. It is stated that the workers decide who their co-workers will be by voting on if they would like to keep that person as an employee after they have worked with them. By providing benefits and opportunities to the workers that surpass those of other food stores, managers are creating an environment of productivity, and with more productivity there is more sales.

In my opinion after reading the case study I feel that the company is run wonderfully as a decentralized organization because of the freedom the employees have, and the power that is delegated to them from top managers. This type of business tactic goes a long way and has a great philosophical view point as John Mackey says, “Happy team members make happy customers. ” With the confidence and integrity John Mackey has instilled into his employees anything is possible.

The external forces for change within Whole Foods have to be the expansion of the company. They are doing what most grocery stores do not ever consider doing. First they started the revelation of introducing organic products to the market and making it known that it is worth the customers money. Second they are the first multinational organic food operation since opening the 80,000 square foot store in the United Kingdom. They are also looking to sell items that are not typically found in average grocery stores.

Whole Foods would also like to take further advantage in the grocery market by wanting to open up room in their stores to sell furniture and lavish items such as purses that are, like all of their products, organic. I feel that Whole Foods opens up a new meaning to selling groceries. They are noticing the global impact of people wanting to save the world and be healthy, and they are taking advantage of that within this great organization.

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