Mimetic theory poverty in the 21st century by winston harding

Poverty is what people experienced today. This century is different from before. Some handled it and some ended up being deprived. They say that the wealthy will remain wealthy and the poor ones will be poorer. Nowadays, this has been proved but many struggled hard to survive. It is true! The media has been displaying news about poverty day and night. It is 21st century and as time passes, it is gone worse. Poverty is a problem that people encounter. On news, this was tackled and being broadcast among viewers. This shoes how is the status of the world’s economy.

It is good to be aware and have knowledge about it though it is a sing that it is spreading throughout the world. Poverty is suppressing the world’s condition. It brought catastrophe on families especially families in isolated areas or far places. Under this problem is world hunger. Many people are carving for food. They have nothing to eat. Children are getting skinnier because they had lack of nutrients on food. Is some places in Africa, hunger is well-known. They barely formed human because of its physique.

It is hardly recognized as a human but they are still human. Diseases are spreading on those areas. They are crying for support from the authority or the government. Not only food but they also seek for shelter and clothing as well as homes. Poverty isn’t about financial and primordial needs. There is poverty in psychological needs no human beings like tender care, love and mostly attention. These days they lack of it. It is a feeling that an individual musters as he or she grows old. Selfish acts such as crimes affect the world’s situation.

It is the result of no presence of mind and poverty of financial needs. Due to it; people seek trouble in order to live and survive in the world. Poverty is all in the level of humanity. There is still lacking in both society and personality. There’s nothing perfect. The world is full of imperfections. People reflect on what is the society’s condition. It still depends on the individual of what he or she prefers. There’s still chance and hope running in our lives. There is no poverty if there is contentment on what people possess.

God will never leave people empty handed. It is really in the hands on the person if he or she decides to put themselves down. Along the way, there is still solution to poverty. Let’s start on ourselves and the society will reflect. With the help of the government, world’s needs will have a solution. Hopefully, there will be no corrupt but still believe on our leaders. People put trust on them because they help in the progress of the new century. Therefore, good decision will make up a better 21st century. There will be no poverty!

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