Parents shouldnt fight in front of the children

We all hope that we have a happy family, when we spend our weekend or holiday with our parents, we feel those days are the happiest days in our life. We love our parents, and they love us . But sometimes, there are little problems between parents, when they face these problems, they usually fight or argue with other to solve the problem. Sometimes they fight in front of us, that makes us feel bad, we don’t hope that happens when we spend our time with parents. For the children, parents are the person they can rely on, they trust their parents, they have a feeling that when the sky is falling down, their parents can hold the sky back.

They are the heroes in children’s heart. Parents are like the giving tree, always give us what we want and always protect us far from the dangerous. But if parents can not control themselves, and fight with each other in front of their child, the child will feel upset about them, also they will feel upset and hearting. In this way, parents will have a bad appearance in their children’s heart. Usually, a little feels very scary when he or she saw their parents fighting with each other. They feel bad about that, and they wish parents can stoping fighting very quickly.

If parents always fight with each other, it will have a bad affect on their children. First of all, they can not focus on their study, and their grades will be bad, maybe they will get a F in their school work. Later, they can not trust their friends, because their parents let they have a feeling that one day, the people around them will betray them. At last, children will close themselves in a little space in their heart, no one can get in that. They don’t know hot to take care of others, and they will easily get angry will a little thing.

What’s more, the relationship between parents and children will become bad, children will try to stay far away from their parents, and they will close their heart to their parents. When parents fighting with each other, they are build a bad appearance in their children’s heart, at the same time, they teach them a bad social skill. They let them think that fight can solve everything. And children will have an extreme character when they face problems in their life. Those are all bad affects on children when parents fight with each other. Fight is a natural action, when someone does something are not let us feel atisfied, we want to argue with them. It is a human nature. When we fight with others, the only thing we want to do defence ourselves, when we are fighting with others, we always think ourselves are the right person, others are the wrong person. We are out of control when we fighting, we want to win during a fight, and we always feel sad afterwards. Our parents are the same. They can’t control themselves when they are fighting or arguing with each other, they can’t realize that they are hurting their children when they are fighting. Although afterwards they feel regret about that, but they still hurt their children.

So, there are some solutions for parents and for children to fix their relationship. Tell your children you still love them, they are important for you, no matter how serious parents fight with each other, children are still has position in their heart. And they always love you no matter what happens. Try to avoid your children when you trying to fight, you can let them play with your neighborhood or go to their friends house to finish the homework. Explain to your children why you were fighting, and let them know you still love each other, and you can still have a happy family.

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