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Chemical Weathering is the procedure of decomposition or decomposition of stones due to chemical procedures. It alters the intrinsic belongingss such as chemical construction. composing and denseness of the minerals that the stone is made up of.

A rock’s susceptibleness to Chemical Weathering depends on the stableness of the minerals in it. Rock is composed of minerals that are by and large rather stable at the clip of formation. When there is fluctuation in the surrounding environment. some minerals tend to go unstable. Chemical reactions take topographic point when the stone comes into contact chiefly with H2O. ensuing in formation of new stable compounds and secondary residuary stuffs.

Following are the types of Chemical Weathering that occur in common.

Hydrolysis:This chemical procedure happens in instance of silicate minerals responding with H2O. Granite and sandstone normally undergo hydrolysis. The H+ and OH- ions in H2O replace mineral ions ( Ca. K etc. ) to organize clay and weak acids. Clay is a weak mineral which crumbles easy and therefore atrophy of stone takes topographic point.

Hydration:This procedure involves fond regard of the H+ or OH- ions to the crystal lattice construction of minerals. Hence it tends to increase the volume. thereby taking to softening or decomposition. Hematite and Bauxite are common minerals that are hydrated under humid conditions. Though the physical visual aspect of stone alterations. it does non do much chemical transmutation to the substance.

Oxidation:Besides known normally as corroding. this procedure combines O molecules with the mineral ions such as Fe. Ca or Mg. Oxygen is usually taken from the wet in dirt or air. Subsequently. it consequences in decrease of the mineral to a less stable compound. A typical illustration is transition of Fe ( Fe ) radicals into rust or Fe oxide ( Fe2O3 ) which is weaker.


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