Health Policy Analysis Part II

Final Project: Health Policy Analysis Part II final: Option analysis and Recommendations

·        Preventing Impaired Driving

Select any one U.S. state and use this topic to develop your Health Policy Analysis (as described and illustrated in Chapter 14, Wilensky & Teitelbaum, 2020). Focus should be on state policies (that is, laws, statutes, regulations) – not programs.  Choose as your client a relevant policymaker within the particular state you selected. 


State chosen is Florida


The Final Project for this course is a two-part health policy analysis of a topic provided by your instructor. Be sure to review the required learning resources for more information about the content, voice, and structure of a professional policy analysis. Pay specific attention to the five essential components of a policy analysis as described in Chapter 14 of your textbook: problem statement, background, landscape, options analysis, and recommendation

Keep in mind that both too long or too short will negatively impact the quality of your analysis, so pay close attention to the page guidance and make sure you focus your information on the specific location pre-assigned by your instructor.  Do NOT do a general overview of the topic. This paper should be the result of the analyses you are doing on one place and around one topic, using the data of that place on the specific assigned topic.

Your assignment must include the following items and be comprised of approximately 6-7 pages not including the title page and references.

  • A title page, with name, date, course and section, and the title and you must include section headers for each section, below.
  • Options Analysis:
  • Recommendation:
  • Your APA formatted reference list


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