Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing 7071CEM

Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing 7071CEM

Please refer to the CW brief for full information about the tasks and the marking scheme.

The viva video is at most 7 minutes long (based on its normal playback speed). It must demonstrate that the implemented systems are working properly and meet all the requirements specified in the CW brief.

For example, you may first demonstrate your working systems (for both Task 1 and Task 2) by running them and showing that they work properly for the queries (inputs) issued by you as the user. Make sure you try various non-trivial inputs to show that your systems are robust and accurate.

Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing 7071CEM

Then, for each of the requirements specified in the CW brief, you show that your design/implementation meets that requirement. For example, you may show that your crawler is scheduled and your indexer gets updated incrementally (i.e. not constructed from scratch every time you run you crawler), and so on. To show that such requirements are met, you may want to show parts (but not all) of your code, some print results, or the files created by your indexer (if applicable), etc. It is up to you how to demonstrate these but make sure you provide enough evidence for your systems meeting the requirements. Do not exclude anything simply because you show it in your report. The viva video should be self-contained. Please see Appendix 1 in the CW brief for Items to cover in your video (and report). Please note that the mark you receive is not for what you have implemented but for what you have implemented AND properly demonstrated.

In exceptional cases, a student may be required to attend a live MS Teams meeting to answer detailed questions about their project.

Please make sure you set aside enough time before the submission deadline to upload your video to Aula. This is important because you are supposed to use Aula only (and not other repositories such as Google drive, YouTube etc.). In exceptional case where you face difficulty uploading to Aula, you may use your CU OneDrive by performing the following steps:

  • Create a folder in your CU OneDrive
  • Share it with your tutors
  • Upload your video in that folder
  • Put the link to the folder in a text or Word file
  • Submit the text or Word file in Aula- If you do not submit to Aula, you will be treated as ‘Absent’.
  • The uploaded video must not be edited after the submission deadline, and it must remain there until your mark is finalised by the exam board.

If a student does not upload their video in Aula or precisely follow the above steps to use OneDrive, they will be treated as “Absent”.

Good luck!