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 STAR ModelMcKinsey Model
StrategyX The “company’s formula for winning” (Galbraith, 2002, p. 10) that gives it a competitive advantage in the marketplace The organization’s direction and long-term vision Includes which products and services it will create, and markets and customers it will pursue Strategy is typically the starting point for the design effort because it “dictates which activities are the most necessary, thereby providing the basis for making the best trade-offs in the organization design” (Galbraith, 2002, p. 11).  X
PeopleX Human resources practices related to talent Hiring, managing performance, learning and development, and programs to grow talent such as rotations and succession plans 
RewardsX Motivation and incentives for achievement of goals  Compensation and recognition, promotions Goals and measurement systems such as scorecards and dashboards 
ProcessesX The flow of information that cuts across the structural hierarchy to enable effective collaboration Decision-making processes and cross-functional collaboration mechanisms Includes concepts such as networks, shared processes and goals, teams, integrative roles, and matrix structures   
StructureX Distribution of resources, power, and authority Role definition, responsibilities, and relationships among departments Includes concepts such as span of control, centralization and decentralization, and department organizing principles such as functions, products, geographies, or marketsX
Systems X
Shared Values X
Skills X
Staff X
Style X