Communication Theory

Communication Theory

For this assignment, you will be proposing your final paper and developing a preliminary bibliography.  

In 1-2 paragraphs, propose your research paper.  What theory will you be using?  What artifact will you be analyzing?  Example:  In a past article I have written, I applied myth analysis to reality television programs.  While this is broad, you do not have to be so broad that the application is impossible or so narrow the application cannot be accomplished.  Best place to start:  select a theory that interests you and use the APUS library to locate examples of the theory being applied in research.  Think about how you can apply the theory to something that interests you.  

NOTE: You may locate articles that use quantitative methods to research/apply a theory.  These are fine for references, but know you will not be conducting a quantitative study for this paper.  

Provide an annotated bibliography of a minimum of seven sources.  See the attached example for how an annotated bibliography looks in APA style. 

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